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Mortar Milverton
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Mortar Milverton was an English bricklayer who was the victim in The Adventure of the Runaway Room. He was the father of Robert Crogley, who would get revenge on Cosney Megundal for his murder. Most people in England known him as "Thrice-Fired" Mortar.


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Megundal and Mortar

Sitting next to Megundal before his death

Prior to The Adventure of the Runaway Room, Milverton was visited by his son, Robert Crogley. Crogley had gotten his hands on two music disks containing government secrets. Milverton listened to his son, and agreed to collaborate to get a large sum of money from Cosney Megundal. When Milverton entered the omnibus, he attempted to get a little more money out of Megundal. The latter, enraged that someone tried to swindle him, stabbed Milverton in the chest, killing him instantly.

His death becomes an important part in the trial of Gina Lestrade, as Crogley's main motivation to kill Megundal in revenge. Crogley is forced to implicate Gina Lestrade as the murderer of Hatch Windibank, all as a scheme to retrieve the music disk from Megundal's coat.


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