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Notes on "Oliver Deacon's" murder were a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Colin Devorae.

Lance's kidnapping and Devorae's murder[]

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Edgeworth took these notes upon opening the garage door in the Wild, Wild West area. It was later used to disprove Shi-Long Lang's claim that Mike Meekins had ambushed the victim in the garage. Later, it was used to discover a contradiction between what apparently happened when the Pink Badger at the time saw the apparent murder. Afterwards, it disproved Lang's theory that Meekins had waited on top of the stage at the stadium and shot him, due to the bullet's entry and exit points. Some time afterwards, it was used to prove that Devorae had in fact been killed at the haunted house, and his body had been seen by Edgeworth in a Badger costume. This allowed Edgeworth to pinpoint Lance Amano as Devorae's killer.


Victim - Oliver Deacon (Age: 50)

Time of Death - Pending autopsy

Cause of Death - Preliminary findings indicate loss of blood resulting from a gunshot wound.
Entry Point: lower right abdomen
Exit Point: right shoulder

Remarks - Despite the fact that the fatal bullet went clean through the body, there is very little blood at the site where the body was found.

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