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Byrne Faraday's organizer was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murders of Byrne Faraday and Mack Rell.

Faraday and Rell's deaths[]

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Edgeworth found the organizer in the courtroom. It eventually helped him in noticing a contradiction between the evidence Faraday had and the evidence he himself had, allowing him to realize that the knife used to kill Faraday and the Yatagarasu's Key were one and the same.


I have collected the evidence I need to prove that Rell was the killer.

Between the handgun Rell had on him when he was arrested, and the surveillance tape, I should be able to prove that he was the one.

1/4 >
The sound of his handgun going off was recorded with superb clarity on the surveillance video.

I also have evidence that I can use to prove that Rell is not the real Yatagarasu.

2/4 >
No matter how he may try to play it, as long as I have the Yatagarasu’s Key, I can prove he’s a phony.

If I present it to him in court, it should clear everything up.

3/4 >
It’s been a long battle… I hope that this will finally bring it to an end. 4/4 >

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