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Muggs was a criminal living in Labyrinthia who worked alongside his friend Robbs. The two of them were the victims in Espella Cantabella's first witch trial, where they were seemingly killed by an Ignaize spell. In reality, the pair became Shades working for Darklaw, with their apparent fiery demise being staged.


  • When combined with that of Robbs, Muggs' Japanese name is a play on "Arisutoteresu" (アリストテレス), which is the Japanese name for the Greek philosopher Aristotle.
  • His English name comes from "mugger".
  • His French name comes from "larron", which is an archaic French word meaning "thief".
  • His Italian name, when combined with that of Robbs ("Van"), is a play on "vandalo" (vandal).
  • His Dutch name, "Jatter", is a slang term for a thief.

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