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"My Rule" (私のルール) is Miles Edgeworth's introductory song in the musical, Gyakuten Saiban: The Truth Reborn. It can be viewed here.

In this number, Dick Gumshoe has just revealed to Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey that the prosecutor for Leona Clyde's case will be Edgeworth. Wright then starts to reminisce about this feared prosecutor and his image comes to life in song. During Edgeworth's solo, other chorus members act as his shadows and trap Wright in their dance. The number ends with the two men facing each other coldly as the stage lights reveal the scene of the courtroom behind them.


Shrouded in scarlet solitude
A crimson blaze that consumes darkness itself
"False Charges"
I believe none of it.
Those who try
to escape
from their sins
will absolutely not
be forgiven!
Those who hate
Those who grieve
If I can help sooth their anguish
Then I'll hunt down the suspects,
and corner them on the stand,
no matter what the cost!
My rules.
I'm the one who decides
my rules.
I'm the one who guides
my rules.
No matter how tragic the outcome
The flames of my justice
will reduce all criminals to ash!
Cold and calculated
My rules.