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Kristoph Gavin
You know what I say? One cannot live a beautiful life without beautiful nails. First rate, in all things. Accept nothing less.

A bottle of Ariadoney nail polish was a piece of evidence in Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Drew Misham. It was a colorless variety belonging to Kristoph Gavin; Vera Misham owned a pink version.


Ariadoney Clear Nail Polish

Ariadoney is an expensive brand of nail polish that comes in limited quantities. It has two known colors: clear and pink. The bottle is made of blue translucent crystal, which Wright has described as "sparkly". The cap is shaped like a hand, which Wright guessed was the brand's symbol. Believing that beautiful nails were part of a beautiful life, along with his desire for perfection and to be "first rate, in all things", Kristoph would regularly use the clear variant, a fact well-known by his brother Klavier, who called it "the best nail polish one can buy."

A real nail-biter[]

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In April 2019, Kristoph decided to resort to forgery to ensure his victory in a high-profile murder trial where the victim was famous stage magician Magnifi Gramarye and the defendant was one of his students, Zak Gramarye. To this end, Kristoph commissioned Drew Misham to create a fake page from Magnifi's diary that would be a critical piece of evidence into proving his client not guilty. He was able to connect with Drew's daughter Vera, who was the real forger, by talking about Troupe Gramarye. He learned that she was deeply afraid of going outside due to an attempted kidnapping incident, and that she would bite her nails when nervous. However, Zak replaced Kristoph as the defense attorney with Phoenix Wright, so Kristoph ended up framing Wright for ordering the forgery as payback both for Zak rejecting him and for Wright "stealing" his client.

Kristoph, thoroughly paranoid at the prospect of his subterfuge being discovered, planted two items poisoned with atroquinine at Drew Studio with the intent to kill the Mishams, thereby silencing the only other people who knew the truth of the scandal. One was a commemorative stamp of Troupe Gramarye, which needed to be licked; it was intended to be used by Drew to postmark a letter confirming receipt of the $100,000 payment for the forgery. The other was a bottle of pink Ariadoney nail polish, which he gave to Vera, telling her it was a good luck charm that she should use if she ever absolutely had to go outside by applying it on her nails. He warned her not to tell anyone about him or the nail polish's purpose, otherwise its "magic" would wear off. Drew did find out about the nail polish and the "magic charm", but didn't know what what the "magic charm" was or how she had gotten the nail polish. Despite Kristoph's efforts, when Wright later stopped by Drew Studio to investigate the origin of the forged page, he found Vera's nail polish on her desk and was able to deduce that Kristoph had given it to her.

Seven years later, Kristoph got sent to prison for the murder of Shadi Smith, though he was able to call in some favors and was able to have many possessions sent to his cell, including a bottle of colorless nail polish. Months after that, Drew finally had used the stamp on a letter addressed to Kristoph, begging him to remove the "magic charm" he placed on Vera, resulting in his death. Vera was brought to court under suspicion of the murder, represented by Apollo Justice and with Klavier as prosecutor. Still believing it to be a good luck charm at the time, Vera applied her nail polish several times before being called upon to testify about her forgeries. Vera inadvertently ingested some of the poisoned nail polish while testifying to the court about the incident, and was hospitalized. Fortunately, the amount was somehow just under the lethal dose for atroquinine, giving her a chance to survive. Shortly after the incident, Wright visited Kristoph, and the two talked about the cases involving Smith and the Mishams. Afterwards, Kristoph began painting his nails; the bottle drew Wright's curiosity, and Kristoph let him have it.

The next day, Justice revealed the bottle and Klavier immediately recognized his brother's nail polish. This gave Justice the conclusion that the nail polish had been poisoned by Kristoph. The court had brought Kristoph in as a special witness to testify. Upon being confronted with Justice's accusation, Kristoph merely complimented Vera on her taste in nail polish, arguing that both of them using the same limited, expensive brand was simply a coincidence and did not mean that he had any connection to the Mishams. Nonetheless, the jury found Vera not guilty thanks to the efforts of Justice, Wright, and Klavier, and she was able to survive the atroquinine poisoning, a first in history.


Nail polish typically does not have a shelf life as long as seven years in real life.