A bottle of nail polish was a piece of evidence in Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Drew Misham.

A real nail-biter[edit | edit source]

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In April 2019, defense attorney Kristoph Gavin decided to resort to forgery to ensure his victory in a high-profile murder trial where the victim was famous stage magician Magnifi Gramarye. To this end, he commissioned Drew Misham and his daughter Vera to create a fake page from Magnifi's diary that would prove to be a critical piece of evidence in proving his client not guilty. Despite being replaced as the defense attorney by his client, and successfully framing his replacement for the forgery, Kristoph, thoroughly paranoid at the prospect of his subterfuge being discovered, planted two items poisoned with atroquinine at Drew Studio with which he intended to kill the Mishams, thereby silencing the only two who knew the truth of the scandal.

One was a commemorative stamp, which would eventually succeed in killing Drew in October 2026 after he licked it to postmark a letter. The other was a bottle of nail polish he gave to Vera, identical to one he owned himself, under the guise of it being a good-luck charm she should use if she ever had to go outside, something she was deeply afraid of. Still believing it to be a good-luck charm at the time, Vera used it when she was brought to court under suspicion of being her father's killer. Known to bite her nails when nervous or frightened, Vera accidentally ingested the poisoned polish when testifying to the court about the incident. Although hospitalized with a slim chance of survival, Vera lived through the ordeal and was found not guilty of poisoning her father thanks to the efforts of her attorney Apollo Justice and the Jurist System.

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