Napalm is a Pomeranian breed dog who went lost in Lordly Tailor. She was identifiable by a distinct heart-shaped spot of pink fur on her underbelly.

Case of the missing dogEdit

Napalm went missing at Lordly Tailor while shopping with her owner, who offered a $5,000 reward for her return. She was found by Miles Edgeworth, who was searching for his own lost dog, Missile, and Goldy Gerwitz, a woman who falsely claimed to be her owner in order to cheat Edgeworth out of the reward. Napalm's hostility towards Gerwitz alerted Edgeworth to the fact that the woman was not who she claimed to be, but he could not find any proof and reluctantly gave her the dog. Following clues surrounding the radio broadcast reporting Napalm's disappearance, however, Edgeworth was able to take Napalm back and return her to her rightful owner shortly afterward.


  • The name "Napalm" was likely chosen for its similarity to her fellow Pomeranian Missile, both being combustible tools of war.
  • "Dinamite", her Italian name, means "dynamite".
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