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Neil Marshall's autopsy report was a piece of evidence in the SL-9 Incident and in Phoenix Wright's investigation into Bruce Goodman's murder.

SL-9 resolution[]

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Wright received it from Dick Gumshoe after asking him about the switchblade knife. Wright later used it during the final day of the trial of Lana Skye to show that Ema Skye's drawing didn't show the exact moment of the murder, as the tip of the knife the man in the drawing was using had been broken in the picture.


  • Name of deceased:
    Neil Marshall (27/Male)
  • Date and time of death: February 19
    Between 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM
  • Cause of death:
    Single stab wound piercing heart/lung.
  • Assessment: Died from blood loss in under 10 min. Weapon found in wound was missing tip.

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