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Nemmy Tinpillar was an "average Joe" living in London during Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's time in the city.

 The brother witnesses Edit

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  • His given name "Nemmy" (ネミー) may come from the Japanese "nemui", meaning "tired".
  • His surname "Tinpillar" (ティンピラー) comes from the Japanese "chinpira", meaning "hoodlum".


  • Nemmy was originally supposed to have a pear shaped hat.
  • Though most likely coincidental, Nemmy bears a striking resemblance to the character of Luigi from the Super Mario video game series in a number of ways. Both are the taller but younger of a pair of brothers, and both are clad in green. Both also have smoother, more distinct and pointed mustaches than their older brothers.
    • It is ironic that this is the case, as Luigi is a hero and Nemmy is a "bad guy".

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