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Never Lose - Final Group Shot

"Never Lose" is the third opening theme of the Ace Attorney anime adaptation. It is used in the first half of Season 2, from "The Lost Turnabout" to "Northward, Turnabout Express - Last Trial". The song is performed by Tomohisa Yamashita.


Japanese Romanization English

Trapped me in your lies···

虚偽に汚された世界 Fake News の雨
呼び続けてたYour Name
逃れようと走る街 少し立ち止まり
見上げた空は Blue

I know 自由を強引に信じていた
真っ黒な幻想は もう終わったんだ

Never Ever Lose.

今 "右か左か" その "嘘か真か"
判決下す 真実はすぐ側にある掴む
Nothing But The Truth

Trapped me in your lies···

Kyogi ni yogosareta sekai Fake News no ame
Yobi tsuzuketeta Your Name
Nogareyou to hashiru machi Sukoshi tachidomari
Miageta sora wa Blue

I know Jiyuu wo gouin ni shinjiteita
Makkuro na gensou wa Mou owattan da
Kodoku janai koto ga boku no shouko

Uso de katameta Reality
Benkai no yochi nante nai
Kiseki wo tsukitsuke gyakuten
Never Ever Lose.

Ima “migi ka hidari ka” sono “uso ka makoto ka”
Hanketsu kudasu Shinjitsu wa sugu soba ni aru tsukamu
Nothing But The Truth.

Trapped me in your lies...

Amidst a world tainted by fake news and falsehood
I keep calling for your name
After escaping through the city, I stop for a moment
To look up at the blue sky

I know striving for freedom is our desire
Even though this dark illusion is not over yet
My evidence is that I'm never by myself

There's no room for excuses in a reality
That's been shaped by post-truths
Where miracles are twisted and turned about
Let's never ever lose

Wether it be right or left, wether it be real or false
To make judgements and determine the facts
We need nothing but the truth

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