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The second of two newspaper clippings was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Turner Grey.

Although initially given to Wright by Detective Dick Gumshoe, it was later expanded by "Director Hotti". The clipping is an article from a newspaper about a car accident in 2016 that involved both Miney sisters.


*Highway of Nightmares*

May 24 - Late last night, two women's [sic]
car crashed into a highway center divide.
One of the women was not able to escape
the flaming wreckage and died at the site.

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*Ms. Ini Miney Holds Interview About Crash*

I was, like, really tired and I dropped off
to sleep. Then there was this crash, and
like, I woke up in a huge sea of flames. I
was, like, still half-asleep, but I opened the
right door and like, got out.

I don't, like, remember anything else.

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*Doctor Lurking in the Shadows?*

If Ms. Ini Miney is to be believed, the one
driving the car was her sister, Mimi Miney.

Mimi Miney was the nurse at Grey
Surgical Clinic where 14 patients were
accidentally overdosed to their death.
Is this then, just a mere coincidence...?

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Role as evidence[]

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Only one of the Miney sisters had survived the accident, and her face required reconstructive surgery. When she was brought to the Hotti Clinic, she provided a photo of Ini Miney's face for reference. The perverse "Hotti" took an interest in her and acquired a newspaper clipping covering the story, as well as the reference photo. A year later, Phoenix Wright came to the Hotti Clinic for information on the accident, which he needed to defend his client, Maya Fey, who was accused of murdering Turner Grey, the owner of the Grey Surgical Clinic.

Wright had earlier received a newspaper clipping about the car accident from Dick Gumshoe, but it only contained the basic information. After speaking with "Hotti", Wright was given more of the article the clipping was from, which revealed more information about the incident. Wright later used the clipping during "Ini" Miney's Psyche-Lock interrogation to prove that she was involved in the accident. During the trial, when Miney was brought to the stand, Wright accused her of the murder and presented the clipping to establish her motive. Mimi Miney had worked for Turner Grey, and it had been rumored that Grey had drugged Mimi to kill her off in order to cover up the circumstances of a major malpractice incident that had occurred at his clinic. Wright concluded that Ini Miney had acted out of revenge for her sister's death.

The clipping was then used to contradict Miney's testimony concerning the car accident that had killed her sister. In particular, Miney had gotten out of the right door of the car; being a British-made car, that meant that she was in the driver's seat, which led to the conclusion that "Ini" was actually Mimi. Mimi admitted her true identity and that she was the one who had murdered Grey.