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Nicole Swift
You got it! Snatching up the scoop, that's my job!

Nicole Swift is a young reporter who is the protégé of Lotta Hart. She was present at Gourd Lake during the speech and attempted assassination of President Di-Jun Wang of Zheng Fa.

The president's speech

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A few days prior to the speech at Gourd Lake given by President Wang, Swift got into contact with Horace Knightley, one of the president's bodyguards. Hoping that her cooperation would give her access to Wang and give her the big scoop she was looking for, Swift agreed to help Knightley with a staged assassination attempt, but wasn't told any details of the plan. Her role was simple: stand in the crowd that came to hear the speech, and point a laser pointer at the president at a specified time.

Turning her yellow and aqua parka inside out so that it was now red, Swift turned on her sound recording device and listened to Wang's speech. While she was pointing the laser pointer at Wang, gunshots rang out and chaos ensued. Once things had calmed down, the president and his bodyguards had disappeared, having retreated into the seaplane they had arrived in. Swift, along with the rest of the crowd, were made to stay where they were while law enforcement investigated the scene.

The investigation

Miles Edgeworth, having been specifically requested for by the Chief Prosecutor, soon arrived on the scene with detective Dick Gumshoe. Seeing the prosecutor and hoping for information she could use for her scoop, Swift began jumping in the air, shouting, and asking Edgeworth as many questions as she could. However, she was ignored until she claimed to have information about what had happened. Swift tried to withhold her information until he had told her what he knew. However, Edgeworth outsmarted her and had her reveal that she had heard a recording of the gunshots. Impressed, Swift asked Edgeworth if he would be her second mentor, which Edgeworth politely refused.

Later, during Edgeworth's questioning of a strange ice-cream salesman calling himself "John Doe", the prosecutor confronted Swift about being the red-hooded figure in the crowd that was the source of the laser pointer. She tried to argue that she was constantly moving during the president's speech and that Kay Faraday had merely taken the picture of the person wearing red at a different time. However, Edgeworth managed to prove that she was lying. Her commentary on her own tape contained her remark on Wang raising his fist, matching up with Faraday's picture and thus proving Swift to be the person in red.

Shortly after this deduction, Knightley emerged from the plane to reveal that one of the president's bodyguards had been killed and demanded that Swift be arrested and taken into Zheng Fa custody. Luckily for Swift, Edgeworth was soon able to figure out that the assassination had been staged by Knightley in an attempt to boost the president's waning popularity, and that Swift had been recruited to act as a scapegoat. Edgeworth proved that it had been Knightley who had committed the murder, clearing Swift's name. She was still taken into custody as an accomplice in the fake assassination, but was soon released with no lasting consequences after the police agreed to partially cover up the incident and indict Knightley for a "real" assassination attempt.

A monster scoop

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Almost two weeks later, Swift was on the trail of a black market auction at the Grand Tower. Her mentor Lotta Hart went into the secret warehouse on the 51st floor, while Swift stayed outside and intercepted wireless communications. While listening in, Swift heard the sound of burning flames, while Hart saw a giant eye outside a window. When the two met up two days later, they concluded that they had witnessed the great monster Moozilla.

The pair decided to pursue the Moozilla story. During their investigation, Swift saw Eustace Winner being kidnapped by two men in black. She later encountered Miles Edgeworth, who was looking for a boy, and she told him about the kidnapping before he could even describe what the boy looked like. It turned out that he had been looking for a different boy, John Marsh. It also turned out that Swift had unwittingly intercepted a bug that had been planted on Kay Faraday's Yatagarasu's Badge.

Later on, Swift and Hart confronted the Global Studios film crew for The Great Monster Moozilla vs Gourdy, accusing them of hiding real monsters. However, Edgeworth arrived on the scene and managed to explain everything; the eye and the flames had been from a hot air balloon that had been used by Simon Keyes while he was executing his schemes to take down Blaise Debeste. When Edgeworth confronted Keyes, he had Swift play the recording of the flames (in reality the balloon's flame used to keep it aloft) to hear a gunshot hitting the balloon. This helped Edgeworth prove that Keyes had killed Di-Jun Wang's body double, thereby tying him to other recent crimes.




Swift shares numerous similarities to her mentor Lotta Hart. She is brash, loud, and determined, and has a similar style of speech to Hart's, though she lacks Hart's self-styled turns of phrase. She is always looking out for a scoop, which sometimes gets her in trouble, especially with the fake assassination attempt. Her hastiness often ends up leading people like Miles Edgeworth the wrong way, though somehow everything still works out in the end. Edgeworth was able to extract information out of her by waiting out her agitation, as she would blurt out information after calming down.


  • Japanese - Mikiko Hayami (速水ミキコ):
    • Her full Japanese name is a play on "hayamimi kikou" (早耳聞こう), which literally translates as "let's ask an insider"; "hayamimi" means "keen on hearing" and "kiko" means "to hear", "to listen", or "to ask". This is likely a reference to either her recording the gunshots during the "assassination", or simply to her occupation.
  • English (Unofficial) - Nicole Swift:
    • Her full English name in the fan translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit is "Nicole Swift". "Nicole" is a French name that roughly means "victory of the people" (possibly referencing her eventual clearance of suspicion), while "Swift" may be a reference to her impulsive personality.


  • The writing on her parka contains numerous references:[1]
    • The "KB[KB]" on the left sleeve - "KB Keibi" (KB警備); the Japanese equivalent of KB Security.
    • "GO!YOU" on the left shoulder - "GoYou airlines" (ゴーユー); equivalent of iFly Airlines.
    • "[EI]TO [SA]TSUEIJO" on the right sleeve - "Eito Satsueijo" (英都撮影所); equivalent of Global Studios.
    • "TaTo" on the front of the hood - "Tatsurōtoizu" (タツロートイズ), lit. "Tatsuro Toys", a fictitious toy company created by Tatsuro Iwamoto, a freelance illustrator who worked as the art director for the Ace Attorney series, along with providing the Japanese in-game interjection voices of Miles Edgeworth and Horace Knightley. The English fan translation changed this to "C "R" US", with the "R" being mirrored like the real world toy retailer Toys "R" Us.
    • "PIPE" written below the neck, along with the illustration of a smoking pipe - a subtle reference to the tracksuit Will Powers wore during Turnabout Samurai, implying that both are from the same fictional clothing brand. Her shoes also have the pipe symbol on their sides.
    • "BANDO" across her chest - "Hoteru Bandō" (ホテル・バンドー); equivalent of the Gatewater Hotel.
    • INTER[IOR] YAMAZAKI on the left waist - a reference to the Yamazaki Industrial Company (山崎産業), an interior design company that helped to design the family home of, in addition to having the same (last) name and Kanji as, series director Takeshi Yamazaki. The English fan translation changed this to "IKEO", a knock-off of the international interior design company IKEA.


  1. These were disclosed in an interview from the March 2011 issue of Japanese gaming magazine, Nintendo Dream. Due to how Nicole's spritework was done, the last element of the original Japanese parka is never fully readable in normal gameplay.