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Nine-Tails Vale
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Nine-Tails Vale.png
Organization info
Organization type Village
Leader Rex Kyubi (alderman) ( - Apr. 17, 2027)
Affiliated groups Tenma family
Status Active
Area info
Yokai Lane

Kyubi Manor

Related: Tenma Town
Entrance Yokai Lane
Relevant cases The Monstrous Turnabout

Nine-Tails Vale is a village near Los Angeles that was founded by Japanese immigrants. The village is strongly influenced by yōkai, with an alley called "Yokai Lane" being the liveliest part of the village. According to the legends of the village, many years ago there was a battle between the Nine-Tailed Fox and Tenma Taro. The fox proved victorious and sealed Tenma Taro away in the Forbidden Chamber, where it still supposedly resides.

Recent history[]

Rex Kyubi, the village's mayor, was murdered during Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright's visit to see Jinxie Tenma. Before the murder took place, a huge village party was held to celebrate the defeat of Tenma Taro.


In the localized version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, which is set in California, Nine-Tails Vale is said to have been founded by Japanese immigrants. This actually fits with the twist regarding the true identity of Tenma Taro as a large piece of gold, as America had an infamous gold rush in California during the 1840/50s which brought many immigrants to California, including the Japanese. It also works with regard to the official backstory given for the localization, where the Ace Attorney series is set in an alternative universe where there was less historical resistance to Japanese immigrants and settlements in the United States.