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"Northward, Turnabout Express" is an original anime episode in the Ace Attorney anime which was later adapted into an original manga by Naoyuki Kageyama and serialized on VJump magazine. Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Dick Gumshoe and the Judge were invited by Avery Richman to ride the maiden voyage of the Silver Star express train.

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  • The Silver Star is the name of an actual train route run by Amtrak between New York City and Miami, Florida.


  • Due to the localization differences between the games and the anime adaptation, the English version of the case is set in Japan instead of Los Angeles, while scenes involving Edgeworth are set in the United States instead of Europe, specifically Germany in regards to his law studies.
  • The exact date of the trial is reckoned by its placement directly following Recipe for Turnabout in the anime.
  • This case marks the judge's first appearance off-duty in the series. It is additionally shown that the wears his judicial robes and carries his gavel at all times.
  • Discounting the class trial, this marks the first trial Wright participates in that is not set in an official court of law.

Other languagesEdit

  • Japanese - 逆転特急, 北へ (Gyakuten Tokkyū, Kita e; lit. "Turnabout Express, to the North")
  • French - Volte-face en express (lit. "Turnabout in the Express")
  • German - Expresszug der Wendung, auf in den Norden (lit. "Turnabout Express, On to the North")
  • Spanish - El caso del expreso al norte (lit. "The Case of the Northward Express")
  • Italian - Un viaggio pieno di sorprese (lit. "A Journey Full of Surprises")
  • Portuguese - Expresso Reviravolta, Rumo ao Norte (lit. "Turnabout Express, Northbound"
  • Russian - Поворот северного экспресса (lit. "Turnabout Northern Express")
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