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A note left by the victim was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Buddy Faith.

Detective Faith's murder[]

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Detective Faith arrived at Room 1203, the office of his work partner, prosecutor Jacques Portsman, to deliver three pieces of evidence. Finding the door locked, he left a note for him under his office door.

Edgeworth later used the note to prove that Portsman had not been in his office, as it said that he was out. Eventually, it became a key piece of evidence, as Portsman said he had asked for two pieces of evidence when the note clearly asked for three. This forced Portsman to give up the third piece of evidence that he was trying to hide: a videotape, stained with Detective Faith's blood.


I brought the 3 pieces of evidence by, just like we talked about on the phone, but it looks like you're out. Guess I'll catch up to you later.


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