Klavier Gavin
It was a certain piece of evidence that decided his fate, you know. ...A certain diary.

The notebook page was a forged diary page created by Vera Misham at the request of defense attorney Kristoph Gavin. It is notable in that it is the piece of evidence that caused Phoenix Wright to lose his attorney's badge.


It seems Fate's clock will make me wait a little longer. ...At least, only less than ten swift minutes remain. To all those who have supported me in my life's work, I give thanks. Farewell!

Magnifi Gramarye


In April of 2019, magician Zak Gramarye was put on trial under the charge of murdering his mentor, Magnifi Gramarye. Determined to win at all costs, Zak's defense attorney, Kristoph Gavin, decided to resort to forgery to ensure his victory. Noticing that the last page of Magnifi's Diary had been ripped out, Kristoph contacted Drew Misham, who sold forgeries created by his daughter, Vera. Kristoph had Vera create a fake page that made it look as if Magnifi had continued to write his diary after Zak left his room on the night of the murder, thus proving that Zak could not have been the killer. To this end, Kristoph sent the original page as a sample, to reproduce the edge and Magnifi's handwritting, along with a printed document with the new text to write. However, Zak ended up firing Kristoph before his trial after a game poker deemed him untrustworthy, then he hired Phoenix Wright to defend him instead.

Used against WrightEdit

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Infuriated, Kristoph devised a plan to get revenge on both Zak and Wright. The night before the trial, he told his brother Klavier, who would be the prosecutor for Zak's trial, that Wright would present forged evidence in court. Before the trial, Kristoph handed the forged page to Zak's daughter Trucy, telling her to hand it to Wright. Not knowing that it was fake, Wright eventually presented it, at which point Klavier called Drew Misham as a witness and exposed it as a forgery. As a result, Wright was disbarred and had to turn in his attorney's badge, an incident that would help usher in the dark age of the law. It would not be until seven years later that Apollo Justice was able to prove Kristoph had requested the forgery, thereby clearing Wright's name.

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