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Odie Asman was a businessman, investor, and criminal mastermind. He was murdered following the demonstration of an "instantaneous kinesis" machine.

From journalist to blackmailer[]

Asman's article on Drebber.

Odie Asman was a journalist for the Daily Circus newspaper. He heard about Enoch Drebber's role in the Professor Killings and had the newspaper be the only one to publicly publish his name. This led to Drebber being exposed as a grave robber, forcing him to drop out of school and give up his promising career as a scientist. Asman then began blackmailing one of the coroners of the incident, Courtney Stevens, by bribing her under a fixed sum of money every month in exchange for keeping private her misjudgement in confirming the time of death of the apparent "Professor".


Main article: The Return of the Great Departed Soul

Nine years later, Odie Asman showed up at Drebber's workshop. Known as an investor to the public, Asman got to be leader of a criminal organization via the many connections he made as a journalist over the years. He himself had actually forgotten that Drebber was the subject of his damaging article, and instead came to him to employ him as a creator and "swindler". Having approached young scientist Albert Harebrayne about his theory on teleportation, Asman wanted Drebber to build a machine for him with the goal of getting money from the government. Unknown to him, Drebber noticed an article in the newspaper Asman was holding about the creation of a new forensic investigation unit, with coroner Courtney Sithe at the head, the latter whom Drebber instantly recognized as Courtney Stevens.

Though Scotland Yard attempted to pin Asman to his criminal organization, having tasked prosecutor Barok van Zieks to prosecute his trial one month before his death, he managed to secure an illegitimate acquittal by using his crime syndicate to bribe the jury. Eventually, through Asman's illegitimate funding, Drebber built a teleportation machine for Albert Harebrayne that was designed like a magic trick. In this first cage would be the real Odie Asman; in the second would be a wax figure of the false Professor, stolen from Esmeralda Tusspells's museum by Drebber a few days previously. Sithe would find the wax model in the cage that fell through the Crystal Tower, along with a letter from someone who "knows the truth about 10 years ago." Using the instructions in the letter, she was to set up the crime scene so that it appeared that teleportation actually occurred so they could frame Harebrayne.

Asman's corpse.

As Sithe was still being blackmailed by Asman, she hardly required coercion; she worked with the forensics unit to set up the crime scene as detailed by the letter, but headed down to the area below the stage on her own free will to wait for Asman to appear. Sure enough, following the sham machine's "failure", the experimental cage Asman was inside fell down to the area below the stage, though Asman barely survived the impact. Sithe then approached him just as he was exiting the cage and stabbed him with Harebrayne's screwdriver just as he stood back up, finishing him off for good. Sithe then carried Asman's body to the Crystal Tower to complete the frame-up that Drebber had requested.

Harebrayne was successfully arrested for Asman's murder. However, defense attorney Ryunosuke Naruhodo managed to expose both Sithe and Drebber as the masterminds of the murder conspiracy, and ultimately proved that Sithe was not just Drebber's accomplice, but the true killer.


Very little is known of Asman's personality, other than that he was one of London's many criminal masterminds, specifically specializing in extortion. He also appeared to inspire a great sense of loyalty among his subordinates, as evidenced by when they attacked Barok van Zieks with guns following their master's death, as they believed he was responsible due to the Reaper of the Bailey legend.


  • His full Japanese name is a pun on erai dame ningen (えらいダメ人間), which means "incredibly bad/useless person".
    • Clotilde Lothman von Saxe-Meiningen is a character from the Sherlock Holmes short story "A Scandal in Bohemia", being the second daughter of the king of Scandinavia. The "Meiningen" portion of the name inspired Shu Takumi to create the name pun.[1][2]
  • His name in the localization is rather straightforward, being a play on "odious man", with "odious" meaning "extremely unpleasant or repulsive".
  • At one point in development, his name was Ricchinande, meaning "'cause I'm rich".[2] This name was later given to the anime character known in English as Avery Richman.