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Old Rootie is an elderly woman living in Labyrinthia who gives out rumors, but only according to whichever root vegetable she pulls from the basket on her back.

The various vegetables she draws from within her basket each have a different meaning;

  • The pumpkin, a sign of confidence. It shows Old Rootie the promise for whoever it is drawn for, allowing the observer to witness her unbridled power of information, and fortune telling
  • The Cursed Radish, a foreboding sign, and a worrying one for those unsuspecting of its appearance. This vegetable's unholy omens mean nothing but bad luck, and darkness in the observer's past. Hope you are never a witness to it.

Her model contains animation, and mesh data for an unused golden radish. Using external programs to activate the animation, shows it works perfectly but does not transition properly

  • Golden Radish, planned to be the sign of nothing but pure prosperity for the observer. May the customer feel blessed for the fortune tellers kindness if this vegetable is drawn. Old Rootie will see nothing but happiness, and riches in the observer's future.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Old Rootie's official art may show various vegetables, such as leeks, these are missing in the in-game iteration of the character.
  • Although she is not shown, nor appear much within the game, from all information we have, we can deduce her fortune-telling is 100% accurate.
  • Old is her actual first name, and is not an adjective.


  • Her English name is a reference to her age and the root vegetables she carries on her back.
  • Her French name, "Mamie Radis", literally means "Grandma Radish".
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