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Apollo Justice
(With witnesses like her, who needs criminals?)

Olga "Quick-Fingers" Orly was a con artist masquerading as a Russian waitress at the Borscht Bowl Club. She was the prosecution's key witness in the trial of Phoenix Wright for the murder of Shadi Smith.

The con[]

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Olga 1

Disguised as a waitress.

Orly is a professional card dealer known for helping clients cheat in poker games. Shadi Smith hired her as a card dealer and conspired with her to beat Phoenix Wright in a game of poker. To this end, Orly was planted as a waitress at the Borscht Bowl Club, a Russian restaurant in which Phoenix Wright worked as a pianist, and donned the persona of a nervous, introverted young woman with a thick Russian accent. She would take pictures, deal cards and make the borscht.

Orly was to plant a card, the Five of Hearts, in Wright's pocket before the game. She did this successfully, however Wright found the card before the game and discarded it in a grape juice bottle. During the game, Orly was supposed to slip a fifth ace into the deck used and put it in Wright's hand so that Smith could call him out as a cheater and find the card hidden in his pocket during a body search. This was to cause Wright to lose the game and tarnish his reputation of "never losing a game in 7 years," as well as wrongfully exposing him as a cheater.

When the plan did not go as expected, because of Wright's lucky discovery and disposal of the card, Smith hit Orly on the neck with one of Wright's grape juice bottles, knocking her out cold. By the time she had woken up, Smith had been killed, and Wright had been arrested. Prosecutor Winston Payne was assigned to the case, and he set Orly up as the sole eyewitness to the murder.

Court appearance[]


Con artist revealed.

In court, while initially keeping up her "timid Russian waitress" persona, Orly testified about the poker game and claimed that Wright had hit Smith with a grape juice bottle. Wright's lawyer, Apollo Justice, found a series of holes in the fake waitress's testimony, until she finally buckled under Justice's tactics and cast off her waitress costume to reveal her true clothing and self as "Quick-Fingers" Orly. Justice was also able to notice Orly subconsciously scratching the back of her neck, revealing who the real user and victim of the grape juice bottle were. Justice's mentor Kristoph Gavin then tried to convince Justice to implicate Orly as the killer, but Justice found that conclusion contradictory, and Wright began to suggest that a fourth person, the real killer, had been in the room. This led to Gavin being implicated as the killer.

After the trial, Orly kept up her double job at the Borscht Bowl Club as waitress and card dealer, as well as adopting both personae she had demonstrated in the trial: the shy Russian waitress for serving customers at the restaurant, and the smart-mouthed card dealer for the underground poker club.



Taking a photo in her waitress outfit.

Orly appeared as a timid, shy waitress who wasn't very good at English. In this persona, she was frightened and would hide behind the witness desk whenever corrected. She liked to take photos of customers. In actuality, Orly could speak English just fine. She was a confident and sneaky girl who was proud of what she did and cared a lot about her reputation.


Olga has blonde somewhat fritzy hair and brown eyes. As a waitress she has a blush. She carries around a yellow camera on a string over her neck.

As a card dealer, she wears a white dress shirt, black pants, a black waistcoat with yellow buttons, a red bowtie, a red bandana with white card decals over her head, and black heels with a white rectangle. She wears her waitress outfit over her outfit.

As a waitress, she wears an indigo parka with a fuzzy white trim. She wears a light blue apron, a maroon hat with fuzzy white trim, magenta mittens and brown boots. She carries a white plate and bowl with a lid containing a lobster.


  • Japanese - Masaka Sakai (逆居雅香):
    • "Masaka" (雅香) means "impossible!", "that can't be!", or "no way!" Incidentally, "NO WAI", a corruption of "no way!", is part of the "O RLY?" internet meme that provides her English name.
  • English - Olga Orly:
    • "Olga" is a popular Slavic female given name that means "holy" (unsuited to someone of Orly's lifestyle) or "prosperous" (which a con artist would hope to be).
    • "Orly" refers to the internet meme "O RLY?", which is short for "Oh, really?"; Justice even references this in Turnabout Trump when he thinks to himself, "Oh really, Ms. Orly?".
      • "Orly" is also the name of a major Parisian airport; in the French translation, when Olga reveals her true personality, she adds that on top of not being Russian, her name has nothing to do with the airport.
      • In fact, there are some Russian surnames with similar sounding formed from the word "Орёл" (pronounced like "Oryol" ), which means "an eagle", such as "Orlova" and "Orlenko". Thus, even if this is accidental, Olga's surname is also relatively Russian.
  • Chinese - 千初 雅香 (Qiānchū Yǎxiāng):
    • "千初" (Qiānchū) is pronounced the same as the reverse of "出千" (Chūqiān), which is a phrase referring to the act of cheating in gambling.


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Helga Hae: [1]
    • "Helga" is a Slavic variant of the Norse term Helgi, which comes from Heilagr, meaning "Holy, blessed".
    • "Hae" is a surname made up to resemble the term "Ah, é?" (Oh, yeah?), used in the same way as "Oh really?" from Orly. The whole theme of similarity with Slavic names is made because the character claims to be of Russian origin.
      • The letter H has no sound in Portuguese, so the player is confused on how to say her surname, if it's "Rae" (As if the H had the sound of R, just like in English) or if it is "Aé" (like in Portuguese, with the H without sound). Later at the trial she reveals that her name is pronounced "Elga Ah é"
        • The name "Helga" does not bring this confusion because most of the time it is without sound.


  • To date (not counting spinoffs), Olga Orly has been the only witness for an introductory court trial who is not the defendant, the culprit, or a professional from the Criminal Affairs Department. The idea behind Turnabout Trump was to set her up as the apparent culprit, only to reveal the plot twist that it was actually Kristoph Gavin, the defense's co-counsel.
  • One frame of her camera's flash bears a striking resemblance to the "shine"-like symbol seen beside the title for each Ace Attorney game to date.
  • Olga Orly's waitress disguise was based on the premise that she would work in a very cold restaurant, which led to the design of a shivering girl.