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Olivia Aldente
Blessed be the Sicilian cuisine and il nostro mare!

Olivia Aldente is an Italian chef on board a freighter. She appeared as a witness in Espella Cantabella's trial in London.


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Aldente was a member of a group of jewel thieves that had struck London in recent years. The ring had been known for stealing valuable jewels, some reaching as high a price as £100,000, and smuggling them onto freighters where they were hidden inside PC Badger toys so as to avoid detection; the toys were overlooked due to PC Badger being the police's mascot. Aldente's job was to make sure these toys and their contents successfully made it out of the city.

One evening, Aldente headed to the cargo hold of the freighter to get supplies for her cooking, as well as to check the smuggled jewels. Once there, however, she discovered Espella Cantabella holding a PC Badger toy that Aldente knew had a jewel inside. Panicking, she confronted Cantabella and tried to pull the toy from her grasp. This caused the tag to get ripped off the PC Badger plushie. Aldente then grabbed a steel pipe and attempted to hit the intruder on the head with it, but Cantabella was able to block this. Moments afterwards, however, the chef was struck on the head herself from behind. The freighter's security guard Johnny Smiles entered the room just as Aldente collapsed. Seeing the pipe held by Cantabella, Smiles assumed she was the culprit and had her arrested.

A thief exposed[]

Fortunately for Aldente, the blow to her head was not fatal. She did not have a clear memory as to who had actually hit her, but assumed it must have been Cantabella. In order to cover up her own crime, she hastily hid the toy she had fought over and replaced it with a different, untouched toy, and tore off one of its legs to make it look like it had been damaged in the struggle.

Aldente presented herself as a witness in Cantabella's subsequent trial, using what she remembered of the incident as testimony. However, Cantabella's defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, was able to quickly piece together the true nature of the fight; Aldente had tried to assault Cantabella, not the other way around. The damaged PC Badger toy was quickly presented, with Aldente trying to explain that the defendant was the one who had torn its leg off. Unbeknownst to the chef, however, Smiles had taken the tag that Cantabella had ripped off the original toy and presented it without informing the prosecution. Wright deduced that Aldente had deliberately swapped the toys around and demanded a search on the cargo hold take place.

Realizing this would blow her cover, Aldente began to panic and begged the judge not to allow the search. Unfortunately for her, Wright had just learned about the jewel thefts himself, and quickly realized the chef's connection with the ring. Backed into a corner, Aldente could do nothing as the police located the swapped toy, complete with the jewel hidden inside. After becoming so enraged she attempted to cleave her fish on the witness stand, only to miss and get slapped to the floor by it, she finally confessed, and admitted she hadn't seen who assaulted her. Cantabella was subsequently declared innocent, but Wright was left with the mystery of who had been the one to knock out Aldente unresolved.

With the revelations uncovered during Wright's subsequent time in Labyrinthia, it can be safely assumed that it was either Darklaw or one of her subordinates that was responsible for the attack on Aldente.


Aldente came across as a skilled chef who loved the sea and the Mediterranean, and would use a smattering of Italian words and phrases in her English (e.g., "il nostro mare", which is Italian for "our sea"). Although initially coming across as a pleasant individual, she did have a somewhat sadistic side to her, as she threatened to create a dish spicy enough to kill Johnny Smiles' taste buds upon finding out that evidence he had left with the court was beginning to implicate her. She was also highly dexterous and skilled with a knife, as shown by her ability to carve a small likeness of Tower Bridge out of a potato in less than a few seconds. However, when cornered, she demonstrated a more violent side to her knifemanship by repeatedly, and fruitlessly, swinging her knife down at an eel.


  • Her Japanese surname, "Arudente" means "al dente", a culinary term that refers to pasta that has been cooked to be slightly firm, while her given name, "Orību", means olive. Both are fitting considering her profession as a chef.
  • Her English name, "Olivia Aldente", preserves the meaning of her Japanese name.
  • Her full French name has a sea theme; her given name, "Marina", is likely a reference to the word "maritime" (which is "marin" in French) or "mariner" (another word for a sailor), while her surname may be a play on "plankton".