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Ora Shipley the First
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Ora Shipley is a performing orca at Shipshape Aquarium. She is the older sister of Orla Shipley.


As orca calves, Ora and Orla became beached on a shore, but were saved by Jack Shipley. With the help of the vet Herman Crab, Jack nursed the two sisters back to health until the day came that they could be released back into the wild. However, by that time the two orcas had become so attached to Jack that they refused to leave, and so he kept them at his aquarium, Shipshape Aqarium. Azura Summers became Ora's trainer, and the pair began performing in the aquarium's shows.

Tragedy at Shipshape[]

With Marlon Rimes and Azura Summers.

On July 20, 2026, Ora and Summers were doing their usual performance during of the aquarium's shows. Although everything seemed normal at first, Summers suddenly collapsed and fell motionless into the pool. Ora immediately followed one of the tricks she had been taught, namely gently grabbing someone in their mouth to rescue them. Unfortunately, Summers was already dead by the time Ora reached her and, to make matters worse, her actions made it seem as if she had mauled her trainer right in front of a live audience.

A page from DePlume's book The Killer Killer Whale.

Although Jack and Crab tried to protect her, the Center for Dangerous Animal Control demanded that she be put down. Luckily for the orca, the pair had a plan: they would fake the euthanasia and then, once the authorities were satisfied, Ora would be secreted away to the Supermarine Aquarium to keep her safe (with the pair giving money to the aquarium for Ora's case once a month for a full year). Ora's sister Orla replaced her in the aquarium's shows with Summers' understudy, Sasha Buckler, although only a handful of employees were aware that there were two orcas. Meanwhile, the non-fiction writer, Norma DePlume, wrote a book about the incident titled, "The Killer Killer Whale".

Free Ora[]

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One year later, Jack Shipley was found dead at the aquarium. Orla was soon accused of having killed him, and so Buckler hired veteran defense attorney Phoenix Wright to defend the orca. During his investigation, Wright revealed not only that there were two orcas, but that neither were responsible for Summers' or Jack's demise; Summers' had died of a heart condition she had kept secret and Jack had slipped into an empty pool while trying to stop Marlon Rimes from killing Orla (Rimes had been Summers' boyfriend and blamed the orca for killing her).

With her innocence proven, Ora returned to Shipshape Aquarium and was reunited with her sister. The two orcas began performing in a new show, "Three Pirate Sisters", with Buckler and Rimes. DePlume even wrote a new book that went completely against her prior work and helped to vindicate Ora to the public.


  • "Arafune", her Japanese surname, means "wild boat".
  • "Ora" is derived from "orca".
  • "Shipley" comes from the word "ship".