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Oracle Hecate was the "Nether World" fortune-teller at Lordly Tailor's Fortune Circle until her murder.

Fraudulent fortunetelling[]

Main article: Turnabout Prophecy

Oracle Hecate worked with the "Venutean Forecast" fortune-teller Moira Cytherea in a scheme to increase her own credibility, with the latter agreeing as she respected Oracle Hecate as a sister-figure. The plan consisted of a customer visiting Cytherea's booth first, wherein Cytherea would steal the customer's personal information and pass it through a hole hidden in the wall that separated her and Hecate's booths. However, fame soon led to Hecate becoming narcissistic and avaricious, ultimately no longer needed Cytherea's assistance to maintain her "100% accurate" fortunetelling. When Cytherea threatened to expose her as a fraud, Hecate dismissed her, callously stating that everyone would just think that she was jealous and trying to defame her. This ultimately led to Cytherea killing Hecate, only for Phoenix Wright to eventually expose her as the culprit.


  • Although the kanji in her Japanese name "Reika" mean "beautiful flower", it is more likely to be intended as a play on "rei" (霊), meaning "spirit".
  • Her English name "Hecate" comes from the Ancient Greek goddess of the same name who resided in underworld and whose associations included magic, witchcraft, ghosts, necromancy, and sorcery; this suits both Oracle Hecate's supposed supernatural abilities and her fortunes supposedly originating from "the Nether World".