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For the Ace Attorney core series equivalent, see court record.
The gameplay articles on this wiki describe game controls in universal terms. This means that some of the controls may not be relevant to the medium through which you are playing the Ace Attorney games. Mentions of the touchscreen refer to the touchscreen functionality on the Nintendo DS and the iOS. "X", "Y", "L", "R", "Select" and "Start" refer to buttons on the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS. The "+" and "-" buttons refer to the small buttons in the middle of the Wii Remote.
Organizer In-game

Edgeworth's organizer.

The organizer is the main gameplay element in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit. Miles Edgeworth stores all evidence and character profiles in the organizer for him to use. The organizer is consistently available for access at every user prompt in the game (with the exception of Mind Chess) via either an "Organizer" or a "Present" button.


Essentially, the organizer is based on the court record from the core Ace Attorney games on the Nintendo DS. In fact, in The Inherited Turnabout, Gregory Edgeworth uses a "court record", which is identical to his son's organizer.

There are two modes of browsing. By default, the protagonist enters into an overview mode in which items are represented as icons. Eight items can fit in each page, and the player can press left or right buttons on the d-pad or the touchscreen to navigate between pages. When an item is selected, the player goes into a detailed mode in which details on the item are given. The horizontal buttons now take the player to items adjacent to the one currently selected. The player can also "drag" the organizer with a stylus to show an adjacent item.

Faraday Journal

Byrne Faraday's journal.

Items can be examined closely by pressing a "Check" button that appears (A). Some items can be checked in a 3D examination mode that is similar to "Examine" except the item can also be rotated by dragging one of two dials in the touchscreen.

Pressing the button in the upper-right corner (R) allows the player to switch between evidence and profiles.

"Organizer" button[]

The "Organizer" button, accessible outside of arguments by pressing it (R), allows the protagonist to view evidence and profiles that he has collected. This does not allow the protagonist to present evidence.

"Present" button[]

The "Present" button allows the protagonist to present items in the organizer to a character. When talking to people during an investigation, the "Present" button is on the top middle of the touchscreen (X), while during an argument, it resides on the top right (R), where the "Organizer"/"Court Record" button would otherwise be.

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