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P.I.C. Meeting Room
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People to meet Blaise Debeste
Sebastian Debeste
Justine Courtney
Raymond Shields
Kay Faraday
Nicole Swift
Lotta Hart
Ema Skye
Bonnie Young
Karin Jenson
Locations in Grand Tower


  • P.I.C. Meeting Room



The Prosecutorial Investigation Committee Meeting Room, located on the 50th floor of the Grand Tower skyscraper, is where the meetings of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee are held. Arguably its notable feature is a large statue of Themis, the Greek goddess of justice. Defense attorney Jill Crane was found dead in the room.


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A hidden evidence room above the meeting room was used by Blaise Debeste to store evidence from resolved cases, with the meeting room itself being the site of his illegal black market auctions of said evidence. A hidden elevator leads between the two rooms.