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Phoenix Wright
(I see that "mascot" made a career for itself in England. Who would've thought...?)

PC Badger is the mascot of London's Metropolitan Police force. He bears a striking resemblance to the Blue Badger, the mascot of the Los Angeles police department, albeit wearing a custodian helmet, a black trouser belt, and wielding a truncheon in its right hand.


  • The mascot's Japanese name, "Mister Taiho", is almost identical to Blue Badger's Japanese name (Taiho-kun), with the exception of using the English honorific "Mister" instead of the Japanese honorific "kun".
  • Its English name is a combination of the abbreviation for "police constable" and "Badger".
  • The German and Italian versions use "Bobby", which is a British slang term for a police officer.


  • In the introduction cutscene for English Turnabout, the lighter part of its face has a different shape below its hat than at other points in the game.