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Pal Meraktis
I know what you're up to. You want in with the Family... And if they see that chart, you're finished.

Pal Meraktis was a doctor who ran the Meraktis Clinic until he was killed as a result of a malpractice incident.

Rivalry with Eldoon[]

According to Guy Eldoon, he and Meraktis had a rivalry that dated back to preschool. Every time Eldoon started doing something, Meraktis would start doing it too, and would eventually surpass him. It was Eldoon who became a surgeon first, but Meraktis soon founded his own clinic and offered a good deal on medical work to the Kitaki mob family. Thanks to the business from the mob, the Meraktis Clinic eventually became so successful that Eldoon was forced to shut down his own clinic and became a noodle vendor.


Wocky Kitaki being shot by the Rivales family.

In December 2025, Wocky Kitaki was shot during a turf war with the Rivales family and was immediately sent to the Meraktis Clinic. Meraktis, with the assistance of Nurse Alita Tiala, immediately began the operation. However, when he discovered where the bullet was lodged, he knew that there was no way to remove it without killing the patient. If he told the Kitaki family that the surgery failed, though, the family would have killed him for his failure.

Realizing what would happen if he told the Kitaki family the truth about their son, Meraktis wrote up a fake report claiming the surgery was a success, sewed Wocky back up, and released him from the clinic. He then locked away the real report in a safe in his office. The real report was his insurance, since it also had Tiala's name on it, so she couldn't rat him out to the Kitakis without putting herself in danger.

Meraktis thought he was in the clear, knowing that even if he didn't get himself killed anyway thanks to his reckless behavior, the bullet in Wocky's chest would eventually cause him to drop dead, and Meraktis would be able to cover up the cause of his death permanently.


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Strangling Tiala.

The end of Dr. Meraktis.

Six months later, Meraktis hit Phoenix Wright while driving to his clinic, causing his car to lose a side view mirror and Wright to hit a telephone pole. Later that rainy night, when Tiala informed Meraktis that Wocky intended to kill him for his botched operation, Meraktis flew into a rage and strangled Tiala with a lamp cord until she passed out. Thinking she was dead, Meraktis intended to dump the body into the river that ran through People Park. However, his car wouldn't start, because Wesley Stickler had jammed the magic panties of Wright's daughter, Trucy, into the tailpipe of the car to hide them. So Meraktis stole Eldoon's noodle cart and hid the unconscious Tiala inside it. However, when Meraktis arrived near the river at People Park, Kitaki confronted him, carrying a knife. At this time, Tiala recovered just as Stickler arrived on the scene. While everyone outside was distracted by Stickler, Tiala pulled out her handgun and shot Meraktis in the right temple while his head was turned. She then escaped without anyone seeing her.

Intending to pin the murder on Kitaki, Tiala got rid of incriminating evidence she had and tried to find the worst possible attorney to take her fiancé's case. She came across the questionable Wright Anything Agency and hired the rookie attorney working there. However, this backfired as said attorney was eventually able to work out that she was the real killer during the trial.



Not much is known about Meraktis, other than that he was not very honest in his profession and was willing to become a mob doctor to ensure success over his rivals. His fear of retribution by the mob drove him to cover up his failed operation on Wocky Kitaki, and this drove him to violently attack Alita Tiala after finding out that their cover had been blown. He kept many jars of assorted goldfish in his office.


  • His Japanese name "Ukari" (宇狩) comes from the word "ukkari", which means "carelessly".
  • "Pal Meraktis" is a spoonerism of "Mal Peraktis", a play on "malpractice" and a reference to his cover-up of Wocky Kitaki's failed surgery.


  • Originally, his Japanese name was to be "Hamigaki" (meaning "toothpaste") and his hair was to be toothpaste-like. However, this was changed in development, with Spark Brushel gaining the name "Hamigaki", although Meraktis's hair does still bears a resemblance to striped toothpaste.
  • Meraktis is the only character in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney to have no official character art.