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This article concerns the character from The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures. For other individuals named "Patricia", see Patricia (disambiguation).

Patricia Beate was the newly wed wife of Roly Beate. She was a witness to the stabbing of Olive Green.

Husband and wife witnesses[]

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Watching Green

On the one year anniversary of her marriage to policeman Roly Beate, the couple went out to celebrate with a meal. When they were walking down Briar Road on their way to the restaurant, Patricia saw two figures. One of them was collapsed, and the other ran away. Upon finding a knife in the back of the collapsed woman, Patricia dropped the bouquet of flowers she bought as an anniversary present for Roly, and went to phone the police. Unbeknownst to her, Roly moved the body of the stabbed woman to the other side of the road, and placed the books the man who had ran away dropped around her. He did this so he wouldn't have to investigate, and could celebrate his anniversary with his wife, as the crime scene would be outside of his beat and the responsibility would fall to another officer instead. However, he forgot about the bouquet.

When the couple testified, Roly was asleep so Patricia had to do most of the talking. Soon after Roly woke up, Ryunosuke Naruhodo exposed him of tampering the crime scene. Barok van Zieks allowed the couple to go home for their anniversary.

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Some time after the trial, Roly found a shilling and was going to use it to buy Patricia a bouquet of flowers. But Gina Lestrade pickpocketed it from him saying it was hers to begin with and there's no proof that it's his. Naruhodo, Iris Wilson, and Herlock Sholmes came by saying the coin actually belongs to Iris, and she lost it in the area. Sholmes sprayed a material that changed the color of the blood on the coin and it was revealed to be from a poker game Naruhodo lost. The Beates commented on what a journey the coin went on.

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Patricia Beate was excited that her husband returned to her thanks to Barok van Zieks. Roly found himself picking up more change on parole more than anything else, stating that his duty is to protect London and make Patricia happy. The two held each other in a loving embrace.



Patricia Beate is a happy-go-lucky young woman. She has good eyesight but is a little tone-deaf. According to Roly, she also had a loss for directions.


  • In both Japanese and English, Patricia and her husband's names are a pun on the word patrol.
  • Her English surname, "Beate", is a play on "beat", a term for an area a police officer patrols.
  • "Patricia" may come from "Patrick" (her husband's Japanese forename) as his forename in English comes from "Rola" (Patricia's Japanese forename).
  • Her Japanese surname, "O'malley"(オマーリ), is a pun on Omawari(お巡り), which means "policeman".