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Patty Eclaire
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Patty Eclaire
"Only bread"..."forget the bread"?! What kind of attitude is that? Any more of this half-baked attitude, and I'll throw you in the oven until you're both well done!

Patty Eclaire is the owner of a local bakery in Labyrinthia. Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey ended up working for her as apprentice bakers after having their memories tampered with. Espella Cantabella also worked at the baker, with Eclaire treating her like family.


Eclaire is hard-working, kind, friendly, and motherly. However, she is also extremely passionate about bread; if others treat bread without the respect she feels it deserves then she tends to fall into a rage and immediately scolds the guilty party.

Despite not being related, she treats Espella Cantabella like family and worries deeply about her. Upon hearing that Cantabella was being accused of murdering the Storyteller, she angrily confronted the vigilantes who were arresting her; even throwing flour at them.


  • Japanese - Kurowa (クロワ):
    • When given the "-san" honorific, her Japanese name becomes "Kurowa-san", which is a play on the word "croissant".
  • English/Dutch - Patty Eclaire/Patty Brioche:
    • Her English and Dutch given name may be derived from the nursery rhyme "patty cake". "Patty" is also a diminutive of the name "Patricia", which originates from the Latin for "noble" - this could be seen as a reference to her treating Espella Cantabella like family.
    • Her Dutch surname comes from "brioche", a type of French pastry.
    • Her English surname comes from the name of a type of pastry.
  • French - Madame Madeleine:
  • Spanish - Doña Tomasa:
    • Her Spanish surname likely comes from "masa", meaning "dough".
  • Italian - Madama Michetta