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Winston Payne.


Gaspen Payne.

Payne is a family name that may refer to:

  • Winston Payne: a prosecutor known as the "Rookie Killer"
    • Winston's unnamed wife
      • Winston's unnamed daughter
  • Gaspen Payne: Winston's younger brother and a prosecutor himself, known as the "Rookie Humiliator"

Other family members[]


Taketsuchi Auchi.

Family history[]

  • 1964: Winston Payne is born.
  • 1972: Gaspen Payne is born.
  • 2012:
    • c. September: Winston enters into, and wins, a competition to create a slogan for the hot dogs in the District Court's vending machines. He goes with: "When you're in hot water, you might need a hot dog."
  • 2014:
    • April 11: Trial of Phoenix Wright for the murder of Doug Swallow, with Winston as the prosecution and Mia Fey as the defense. Wright is proven not guilty, and Winston loses most of his confidence (and hair) from the shock of being defeated.
  • 2016:
    • August 3: Trial of Larry Butz for the murder of Cindy Stone, with Winston as the prosecution and Phoenix Wright as the defense. Winston is again defeated and Butz is acquitted.
  • 2017:
    • September 8: Trial of Maggey Byrde for the murder of Dustin Prince, with Winston as the prosecution and Phoenix Wright as the defense. Despite suffering from amnesia, Wright once again prevails and Byrde is cleared of all charges.
  • 2018:
    • October 14: Trial of Luke Atmey for the theft of the Sacred Urn as the infamous thief Mask☆DeMasque, with Winston as the prosecution. Just before Atmey can be convicted, Wright interrupts the trial to reveal that Atmey was not the true Mask☆DeMasque but was, in fact, the killer of Kane Bullard, CEO of KB Security. Wright's accusation succeeds and, by the double jeopardy law, this also snatches a victory from Winston Payne once again.
    • December 4: Trial of Maggey Byrde for the murder of Glen Elg, with Winston as the prosecution and "Phoenix Wright" as the defense. Wright performs unusually poorly in court, allowing Winston to finally win. However, it is later revealed that the "Wright" he faced during that trial was an imposter who posed as the defense attorney in order to deliberately lose the case. The real Phoenix Wright appeals the case and wins against the mysterious masked prosecutor Godot.
  • 2019:
  • 2026:
    • April 20: Trial of Phoenix Wright for the murder of Shadi Smith, with Winston as the prosecution and Apollo Justice as the defense. Wright and Kristoph Gavin essentially take over the trial, leaving Winston with little to contribute as Wright is found not guilty.
  • 2027:
    • December 17–18: Trial of Juniper Woods for the bombing of Courtroom No. 4 and the murder of Detective Candice Arme, with Gaspen as the prosecution and Athena Cykes as the defense. Although Gaspen initially gains the upper hand, Phoenix Wright soon intervenes and Woods is found not guilty. Gaspen flees the courtroom before the verdict is read due to a bluffed bomb threat by Ted Tonate.
    • c. December 20: Gaspen is reprimanded by Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth for his use of falsified evidence.
  • 2028:
    • Gaspen flees the United States for Khura'in, where, owing to the Defense Culpability Act, he rises to the rank of the country's Chief Prosecutor.
    • April 24: Trial of Ahlbi Ur'gaid for the murder of Paht Rohl in the Kingdom of Khura'in, with Gaspen as the prosecution and Phoenix Wright as the defense. Gaspen tries to use the Defense Culpability Act to get Wright to either give up in shame or die along with his client, but is instead once again bested by the defense attorney.


  • "Payne" is a play on "pain"; the two brothers' given names add to this ("winced in pain" and "gasp in pain").
  • The Japanese equivalent "Auchi" (亜内) is a Japanese romanization of the English word "ouch".
  • The French equivalent "Boulay" comes from the word "boulet", which is used for someone who always does things incorrectly to the point of being a burden.


  • Aside from Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (which instead uses a very similar character called Flynch), a member of the Payne family has appeared in the first episode of every Ace Attorney game to date.
  • The Paynes are the only rival prosecutors in the main Ace Attorney games to never be encountered outside of the courtroom, and thus lack forward-facing sprites. Although Winston does appear outside the courtroom in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit, he only does so in the form of small, zoomed-out sprites.
  • The fact that the Payne family always loses to Wright is lampshaded in the The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures episode The Adventure of the Great Departure, where after Ryunosuke Naruhodo's defeat of Taketsuchi Auchi in court, Kazuma Asogi uses his katana to slice Auchi's hair before stating that none of the Auchi family will ever be able to defeat Naruhodo's family.
  • So far, every male member of the Payne family directly met, including their ancestor Taketsuchi Auchi, had also the secondary gag of having woes regarding their hair loss: Auchi's Chonmage topknot was sliced off by Kazuma, and later he personally chose to cut off the small lock of hair that had managed to grow on his bald upper skull as a form of seppuku. Similarly, Winston Payne had most of his hair fly off from the shock of being defeated by Mia Fey, with it subsequenly reducing over the years until he lost almost all hair on the upper cranium; finally, Gaspen Payne was shown to have a massive comb-over lock, and even that was later revealed to be completely fake, as he was wearing in truth a toupee to cover his complete baldness.
    • In "Asinine Attorney: Japan", is instead stated that Kazuma Asogi had only cut the paper cord holding Auchi's chonmage up, but nevertheless Auchi stated that his hair had stopped growing completely after that event, which was a lie, as the problem had started long before.


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