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People Park
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People to meet Ema Skye
Available evidence Pal Meraktis's autopsy report
Plum Kitaki's panties
Guy Eldoon's noodle cart
Linked locations Kitaki Mansion
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Kitaki MansionPeople ParkWright Anything AgencyEldoon's houseGatewater HotelMeraktis ClinicPeople Park Area
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Meraktis Clinic
Apollo Justice
Apparently, this park was the gift of the Kitaki Family. The friendly "People Park", brought to you by organized crime... A very naughty part of me is tempted to write "We Kill" on the left side of the sign.

People Park is a public park in Los Angeles. Notable buildings in the surrounding neighborhood include the Wright Anything Agency, Gatewater Hotel, and Kitaki Mansion. The Kitaki family financed the building of the park as one of Winfred Kitaki's contributions to the local community after his son, Wocky Kitaki, was non-fatally shot by the Rivales family.

Murder scene[]

Main article: Turnabout Corner

Half a year after being shot, Wocky found out that the bullet was still in his chest. He angrily stole a gun from his family, with the intention of giving the family's doctor a taste of his own medicine, since he had failed to remove the bullet. He made his way through People Park, hoping to break into the Meraktis Clinic, but instead ran into Meraktis in the park, who was pulling a noodle stand.

Wocky threatened Meraktis, who tried to explain that Wocky was being deceived by Alita Tiala, his former nurse and Wocky's new fiancée. However, before he could respond, Wesley Stickler appeared and suddenly shouted for them to stop. Meraktis looked towards Stickler, but then a gunshot rang out and Meraktis dropped down dead.

Startled, Wocky dropped the knife he was brandishing on the doctor and fled the scene. Stickler, who had earlier lost his cell phone, left the park to call the police. Once everyone else had left, Tiala emerged from within the noodle stand. She and Meraktis had earlier fought in his clinic, which resulted in her being strangled into unconsciousness. Meraktis, thinking she was dead, had stolen the noodle cart and put her body inside in order to dispose of her. She had woken up during the altercation between Wocky and Meraktis, picked up the gun inside the cart, and shot Meraktis. Tiala then dropped the gun onto the ground to be found by the police, and left the scene. Wocky was subsequently arrested for the murder of Meraktis, but his defense attorney, Apollo Justice, managed to prove his innocence and Tiala's guilt.