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Zinc Lablanc.png This page concerns a music track from an Ace Attorney game that does not yet have an official English title. The title used is unofficially localized, but follows naming conventions used in official title track names.

Apollo Justice
Whoa! What's going on? This sensation... It's coming into focus! There! That twitch! It's so clear! It's like I could perceive her habit like I couldn't before!)

"Perceive - Surge, Eyes" is a music track originating in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. It is used when Apollo Justice uses his bracelet to "perceive" subtle hints of tension in a witness and is a slowed-down version of "Cross-Examination - Moderato 2007".

The track returns in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice for the same purpose; notably, "Perceive - Surge, Eyes", "The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo", "Klavier Gavin - Guilty Love", and "Ringtone (Phoenix Wright)" are the only four tracks that are from sprite-based games that were carried onto the 3D games unchanged and completely original.

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