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Petal is a young girl living in Labyrinthia who comes across as rather stern and no-nonsense. She can normally be seen holding hands with her crybaby brother Cecil.

Meeting the professor[]

Main article: Mysterious Labyrinthia

Hershel Layton and Luke Triton's first meeting with Cecil and Petal was almost immediately after they entered Labyrinthia's walls. The two newcomers overheard the siblings arguing, with Cecil openly declaring that he wanted to join the town's order of knights and Petal telling him that he was too weak to join. Upon meeting Layton and Triton, they produced a puzzle to test their skills.

A worried sister[]

Main article: The Great Witch

The day after Espella Cantabella's first witch trial, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey found Petal searching for Cecil, who had become separated from her, and she asked the pair to help her find him. Although she outwardly denied worrying about Cecil, Wright and Fey could tell she was worried about him really. Wright and Fey eventually found Cecil and reunited the two siblings. She scolded him for becoming separated from her so easily and told him not to run off again, thereby showing that she did care for him in her own way.


  • Japanese - Gure (グレ):
    • Her Japanese name "Gure" is a reference to the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel"; when her name is combined with that of her brother ("Teru"), it becomes "Gureteru" (グレテル), which is the Japanese spelling of "Gretel".
  • English/Spanish/Italian - Petal:
    • "Petal" may be intended to be a play on "Gretel", thereby continuing the naming theme used in the Japanese version.
  • German - Greta:
    • The German localization also uses the "Hansel and Gretel" theme by naming the brother and sister "Hänschen" and "Greta", respectively.
  • Dutch - Jans:
    • Her Dutch name "Jans" is very similar to "Hans", the Dutch name for "Hansel".