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Phantom was an international spy working for an unknown organization. His true identity was unknown as he was a master of disguise. Using his abilities, he managed to impersonate the deceased Bobby Fulbright so any evidence of his identity and him killing psychologist Metis Cykes can be erased.

Phantom is a skilled actor and a master of disguises, to the point where he never actually reveals his true face beyond his collection of masks, instead speaking through his impersonations of others, favoring Phoenix Wright after his identity theft of Fullbright is revealed (given how Wright was interrogating him in court at the time, this was likely an intimidation tactic). He also has a fondness for spy gadgets (including a grappling hook and a jamming device he uses to confuse Athena Cykes' Mood Matrix), many of which are built into his watch.   

He is an emotionless person by nature, and this fact would be used against him. After finally being cornered by the defense, the Phantom reveals some of his remaining humanity by expressing immense fear, tearing off his masks one by one and questioning who he ultimately was.

At the end of his breakdown, he was shot by an unknown sniper. However his wound was not fatal, and Phantom was finally arrested, bringing closure to the UR-1 incident.



  • The Phantom is the first villian of the series, who has no real name, or identity, with the only things known about him is that he's an international spy with almost no emotions. This is due to him having lost any premise or idea of what his true face and identity actually are. This makes him the first villian who's true identiy is never found out or revealed to the player, although it can be argued that he doesn't have an idenity to be revealed, due to him himself not knowing what that identity is.
  • This also marks the first villian, ironically, who's brought down using pure emotions, despite one of his traits being that he doesn't feel most emotions. In the end, it's the fact that he's a human being like everyone else that ends up being his downfall.

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