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Phoenix Wright's bedroom is a room in his rented apartment[1] where he sleeps. He was sleeping here when Maya Fey phoned him to tell him that Will Powers, the lead actor in the television show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, had been arrested on suspicion of murder. Much to Wright's annoyance, Fey chose to tell him this at 8:14 a.m., which he considered "still early". Despite this, Wright still made his way to Wright & Co. Law Offices to meet up with his assistant. Once there, they received a phone call asking Wright to defend Powers. Wright did so and eventually cleared the actor's name.


EP05 Phoenix Wright's Bedroom

Wright's bedroom as depicted in the anime.

  • Wright's bedroom has only appeared once in the Ace Attorney game series to date. Since, in this singular appearance, the room appears pitch black, the only things known about it are that Wright keeps his cell phone in the room and presumably sleeps there. It is never made apparent where Wright actually lives during the games, or even if the location is constant throughout. To date, only media outside the game canon, such as the anime adaptation, has clearly shown Wright's living conditions.