Ace Attorney Casebook 1

The cover of The Phoenix Wright Files.

Ace Attorney Casebook 2

The cover of The Miles Edgeworth Files.

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Official Casebooks are manga published by Del Rey Manga. They were released over four volumes in Japan, but condensed into two for the United States release. In the U.S., the two volumes are called The Phoenix Wright Files and The Miles Edgeworth Files.

Both volumes are anthology books of doujinshi (fan-produced manga) written and illustrated by various manga writers and artists.

The Phoenix Wright FilesEdit

Volume 1 focuses on Phoenix Wright and consists of stories that vary from serious to outright parody.

The Miles Edgeworth FilesEdit

The tone of the second volume's stories vary in a similar way to its predecessor, although these focus more on Miles Edgeworth and Rise from the Ashes than Wright.

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