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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD was a deprecated collection of the first three installments of the Ace Attorney series with swipe commands, on-screen controls, and "HD sprites". It was available on iOS (and on Android, albeit only in Japan) and supported on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and iPad Mini running iOS 5.0 or higher.

The base game—which contains the first two cases of the first game (The First Turnabout and Turnabout Sisters) -- was available for free on the App Store. The other three episodes of the first game, as well as the entirety of the second and third games, could be downloaded as in-app purchases. The games could be bought together as a bundle or separately, but the game was only available in English and Japanese. The game could be linked with a Twitter account to enable the game to automatically post player progression onto a timeline. Players could also make Twitter posts from the "Everyone Object!" mode.

Trilogy HD was succeeded on 3DS, and later on other platforms by the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. On April 5, 2022, it was announced that Trilogy HD would be retired from the App Store and replaced by a port of the Trilogy version.[1] The aforementioned Twitter functionality no longer works as of Trilogy HD being retired.

Gameplay and controls[]

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy HD main menu

Main menu screen.

The core gameplay of the first three games of the Ace Attorney series remains, with the traditional courtroom trial and investigation gameplay. Game mechanics such as breaking Psyche-Locks with the magatama are also present. Players tap the screen to make selections, swipe to cycle through evidence or look around crime scenes, and press and hold dialogue boxes to quickly go through dialogue.

The application supports Game Center achievements, such as "check out every lunchbox Angel Starr has to offer" and "find all ladder/stepladder conversations".

AA Trilogy Achievements

Achievements in Game Center


The Trilogy HD was the first to introduce a system of earnable achievements in the series, many of which were later carried over into the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Earnable achievements would later be carried on in the other compilations of titles that followed, eventually even introducing an in-game list of corresponding Accolades for gaming platforms lacking online achievement rankings.

  • The First Turnabout : Cleared Ep.1 of PW: AA.
  • Turnabout Sisters : Cleared Ep.2 of PW: AA.
  • Turnabout Samurai : ​Cleared Ep.3 of PW: AA.
  • Turnabout Goodbyes : ​Cleared Ep.4 of PW: AA.
  • Rise from the Ashes : ​Cleared Ep.5 of PW: AA.
  • The Lost Turnabout : ​Cleared Ep.1 of PW: AA - JFA.
  • Reunion, and Turnabout : ​Cleared Ep.2 of PW: AA - JFA.
  • Turnabout Big Top : ​Cleared Ep.3 of PW: AA - JFA.
  • Farewell, My Turnabout : Cleared Ep.4 of PW: AA - JFA.
  • Turnabout Memories : ​Cleared Ep.1 of PW: AA - T&T.
  • The Stolen Turnabout : ​Cleared Ep.2 of PW: AA - T&T.
  • Recipe for Turnabout : ​Cleared Ep.3 of PW: AA - T&T.
  • Turnabout Beginnings : ​Cleared Ep.4 of PW: AA - T&T.
  • Bridge to the Turnabout : ​Cleared Ep.5 of PW: AA - T&T.
  • Please Turn In Your Badge : ​Answered "Mia Fey" when the judge asked who the defendant or the victim was (Ep.1 of PW: AA).
  • Cordyline Stricta : Examined the office plant while Gumshoe is at the Fey & Co. Law Offices (Ep.2 of PW: AA).
  • His Name is... Charley? : Examined the office plant while Maya is channeling Mia (Ep.3 of PW: AA).
  • I’m an Investigative Photographer : Pressed "I’m an investigative photographer." during "Lotta’s New Testimony" (Ep.4 of PW: AA).
  • Secret Weapons Three : Borrowed all 3 of Gumshoe’s secret weapons (Ep.4 of PW: AA).
  • On Billy’s Head!? : Sprayed luminol on the guard station cactus’s head (Ep.5 of PW: AA).
  • The Back of My Badge : Examined the back of Phoenix’s Attorney’s Badge (Ep.5 of PW: AA).
  • Mind Your Own Business, Pal! : Pressed Gumshoe about "It sounded like they were even talking about marriage." (Ep.1 of PW: AA - JFA).
  • What’s Important Here? : Asserted that the name on the card is what’s important (Ep.1 of PW: AA - JFA).
  • Um, Lotta Hair, Was It? : Said that Lotta’s full name is Lotta Hair in the Winding Way (Ep.2 of PW: AA - JFA).
  • Justified Self-Defense : Pled that it was justified self-defense (Ep.2 of PW: AA - JFA).
  • Wrath of a Judge : Asserted that the murder weapon is under the judge’s bench (Ep.3 of PW: AA - JFA).
  • Naruhodo A. Wrighto : Presented Maya with Max’s profile in Phoenix’s office after taking his case (Ep.3 of PW: AA - JFA).
  • Judge Wackner : Pressed Oldbag when she claims "It was the Nickel Samurai that I saw!" (Ep.4 of PW: AA - JFA).
  • Innocent Engarde...? : Plead that Matt Engarde is not guilty (Ep.4 of PW: AA - JFA).
  • Beware, Your Honor! :Pressed Dahlia when she claims "The truth is... Feenie pushed him twice." (Ep.1 of PW: AA - T&T).
  • Smells Like Oldbag : Examined the alien wear in Mask☆DeMasque’s Hideout & Oldbag’s Command Vest at KB Security (due to a bug, Butz's seat in the lower right of the screen is the trigger, rather than the costume itself) (Ep.2 of PW: AA - T&T).
  • "Le français" de Jean : Learned all of the "French" Jean Armstrong has to impart (via presenting profiles, evidence, and incorrect evidence when attempting to break his Psyche-Locks, as well as pressing all his statements) (Ep.3 of PW: AA - T&T).
  • Violetta’s Home-Made Donuts : Had a donut offered to Phoenix by Viola. (Present wrong evidence when you tried to break her Psyche-Lock.)(Ep.3 of PW: AA - T&T).
  • Edgeworth’s Grand Debut : Saw every animation young Edgeworth has to offer (Ep.4 of PW: AA - T&T).
  • The Whole Truth : Presented the Victim’s Note during the 1st cross-examination (Ep.4 of PW: AA - T&T).
  • I Hate Childhood Friends : Presented Phoenix’ Attorney’s Badge to Larry and examine the string of flags (While you play as Miles Edgeworth, in Ep.5 of PW: AA - T&T).
  • Not So Mysterious After All : Tried to move before hearing everything Iris has to say in the Main Hall (Ep.5 of PW: AA - T&T).
  • Psyche-Unlock : Broke a Psyche-Lock.
  • Illuminating Luminol : Found blood with luminol.
  • Dabbling in Fingerprints : Completed a fingerprint analysis.
  • Bug Sweeper : Found a bug with a bug sweeper.
  • Metal Detector : Found something with a metal detector.
  • First Steps :Started playing PW: AA Trilogy HD.
  • Justice Ill Served : Got a bad ending. (Ep.4 of PW: AA - JFA)
  • Ladders vs. Step-Ladders : Got every ladder vs step-ladder conversation (Examine the ladder in Ep.3 and Ep.5 of PW: AA, Ep.3 of PW: AA - JFA, Ep.2 of PW: AA - T&T and check the ladder while you using a metal detector in Ep.5 of PW: AA - T&T).
  • Hardcore Steel Samurai Fan : Cleared all of "Turnabout Samurai" and "Farewell, My Turnabout".
  • Lunchbox Specialist : Checked out every lunchbox Angel Starr has to offer (Present Phoenix's badge when you talked to Angel Starr and choose wrong answer while you cross-examine Angel Starr).
  • "Rookie Killer" Killer : Cleared the 1st episode of all three games.
  • Master of Kurain : Clear all of PW: AA Ep. 2, PW: AA – JFA Ep. 2, PW: AA – T&T Eps. 2 and 5.
  • Ace Attorney : Clear all of PW: AA Trilogy HD.

Differences from the original versions[]

  • Frank Sahwit's age is listed in the court record as 44 instead of 36 (however this does line up with his age in the original release of Gyakuten Kenji 2).
  • The new HD character models used for this version have inferior animations when compared to the DS sprites. Most notably, many characters do not blink and speak with fewer animation frames.
  • Instead of using the updated music scores from Gyakuten Saiban Sound BOX, the music for this release is recycled from the DS version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and the GBA versions of Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations. Some sound effects were also removed.
  • Pearl Fey's character theme track is "Simple Folk", instead of "Pearl Fey - With Pearly".
  • Moe does not move when he is chuckling.
  • Benjamin Woodman's lips do not move when Trilo Quist is "speaking".
  • Some of the in-game "cutscene" images (such as Franziska von Karma bursting into the courtroom in Farewell, My Turnabout and Dick Gumshoe doing the same in Recipe for Turnabout) are absent.
  • The mugshot of "John Doe" shows him wearing the bellboy's outfit he has on when he is encountered in the Gatewater Imperial Hotel, rather than his "butler" clothing.
  • During Dahlia Hawthorne's exorcism and final breakdown, the music is of a higher quality than previous versions, but the images of her past that flash by at the very end are no longer present.
  • When presenting the final piece of evidence in Bridge to the Turnabout, the full version of the 2001 Pursuit theme is used instead of the modified variation that was originally used.
  • Dee Vasquez, Lana Skye, and Elise Deauxnim use the higher-pitched "female" tone in all their dialogue.
  • When Godot and Phoenix Wright are seen drinking their own coffee, they don't appear to be swallowing.