Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney
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Pearl Fey
.........I-I... ...I am Princess Rayfa! Now take me away if you must, Mr. Terrorist!

Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney is the the first non-canon, "what-if" short story scenarios in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. After a Defiant Dragons rebel holds the courtroom hostage, Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey must prove that Pearl Fey is Her Benevolence Rayfa Padma Khura'in. However, both Miles Edgeworth and Ahlbi Ur'gaid are out to prove him wrong.

An unexpected trialEdit

Phoenix Wright is in the Kingdom of Khura'in as a tourist. He meets up with tour guide Ahlbi Ur'gaid and fellow tourist Pearl Fey, the latter explaining that she was previously interviewed, giving Wright a copy of said interview. Wondering where Maya Fey is, Ahlbi states that she is already waiting for them at the courthouse. In the accused lobby, Pearl gives Wright a scroll detailing information about Rayfa Padma Khura'in, such as her height and hobbies. After some confusion, Wright ends up standing at the defense's bench, with Maya reasoning that they can't hold a trial without a defense lawyer. Although puzzled as to why he is standing there, Wright's curiosity is also piqued by the appearance of American Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth at the prosecutor's bench. When asked why he is in Khura'in by Wright, Edgeworth does not give a concrete answer, only stating that he did not expect Wright to be defending. Just then, a terrorist disguised as the bailiff appears, demanding that Rayfa be handed to him. As Rayfa herself is currently absent from the courtroom, Pearl claims she is Rayfa, as to stall for time. Phoenix plays along, and tries to signal Edgeworth, but is unsuccessful. Suddenly, Ahlbi objects to the notion that Pearl is Rayfa, not wanting one of his clients to be taken away as that would be bad for business. The two simultaneously testify about the matter, and Phoenix notes that one of Ahlbi's statements about the real Rayfa's height contradicts the scroll (the "Rayfa" that Ahlbi saw was an actress that appeared in an episode of The Plumed Punisher: Warrior of Neo Twilight Realm). Phoenix then claims that Pearl is the real Rayfa based on their matching heights. When Edgeworth objects to point out that Pearl looks nothing like the picture of Rayfa on the scroll, Phoenix claims that the pictured person is merely Rayfa's body double, who poses as Rayfa for the purpose of public appearances. Ahlbi objects, saying that Pearl lacks Khura'inese facial tattoos, and therefore royal lineage cannot be proven. Phoenix once again objects, pointing out Pearl's ability to channel spirits. To demonstrate that her power is genuine, she channels the presiding judge's father. Upon seeing his father, the judge and the gallery are firmly convinced that Pearl is the "real" Rayfa. At this, the terrorist takes Pearl away. After that, Rayfa appears in the courtroom apologizing for her lateness, saying that she overslept. Upon being addressed as a body double by the judge, Rayfa expresses confusion, and demands Wright to explain what is going on. Wright tries to tell the court that he was joking when he said that Pearl was Rayfa, but he is ignored. The gallery continue to proclaim joy at "Rayfa" (Pearl). It is also revealed that the entire events of the trial were an act as to ensure readiness for such an event (since the Defiant Dragons were rising in number), with Edgeworth being brought in as a "special guest". In fact, it appears that only Phoenix, Pearl, and Ahlbi were oblivious to this, as the "terrorist" reveals that he is just an actor. Phoenix then reveals that his bluff in court resulted in Pearl becoming the new queen of Khura'in, bringing revolution to the kingdom with her. The episode ends with Rayfa's frustration at the outcome.


After Pearl tells Phoenix about the Article on Channeling, Phoenix says to himself "She brought this all the way here just to show it me?" instead of "She brought this all the way here just to show it to me?"

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