"Phoenix Wrong" is a general name used for animations made by fans of the Ace Attorney series, with the name being a play on that of the main protagonist of the first three games in the series, Phoenix Wright. Said animations normally take the form of in-game character sprites mixed with audio clips from a wide variety of sources, usually either of a comical origin or made comical by the use of the Ace Attorney sprites. Sources for the audio clips include film, television shows, internet memes and video games.

The original Phoenix Wrong flash was created by Ashford Pride and submitted to the Newgrounds portal on July 29, 2006. This parody proved to be so popular that many more were created, not just by Ashford Pride, but by a whole plethora of other users, and even came to have its own collection on Newgrounds. One of the most popular "Phoenix Wrong" videos is "Boot to the Head" by the youtube user CMSPyrowolf, which is a voice-over inspired by the sketch "Last Will and Temperment" by the Frantics.

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