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The title for Piece of Cake.

Let's cook again today!

Piece of Cake was a cookery television show hosted by Jeffrey Master and Katherine Hall, airing at 3 p.m. In it, the pair would prepare various confectionery items while singing and dancing. Among its many fans were a young Eddie Fender and Miles Edgeworth. Both hosts left the show in December 2000 after Master was arrested on charges of murdering a fellow chef during a confectionery competition hosted at Master's mansion. Hall became an actress and had an 18-year career of worldwide fame. She retired from the business after earning enough money to buy Master's mansion.

Song 1[]

What's for dessert today?
Master: Macaroons and waffles
Master: Light and fluffy chiffon cake!
Hall: Happiness for one and all
Hall: The sweetest temptations...
Master: There!
Hall: Where?
Master: Over there!
Master: Take a peek inside the oven!
Both: Look!
Both: It's freshly baked desserts!

Song 2[]

What's for dessert today?
Master: Cookies and caramel
Master: Rich and feathery cream puffs!
Hall: Let's make it together
Hall: A delectable paradise...
Hall: Here!
Master: There!
Hall: Everywhere
Hall: You just open up the oven!
Both: Now!
Both: It's time for dessert!


  • The show's name in Japanese, "Dansweet", is a fusion of the words "dance" and "sweets", in reference to nature of the show.
  • Its English name in the unofficial fan translation patch of Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit is "Piece of Cake", which is a play on both the show's culinary theme and an idiom used to describe something as easy.