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The Pink Princess is the main character in the Global Studios tokusatsu television show The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo. The series was created as a sequel to The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo by Sal Manella, a director at Global Studios and the creator of The Steel Samurai, who came up with the concept of the Pink Princess when he saw Maya Fey's Fey clan acolyte clothing. She is played by Will Powers, the actor of the Steel Samurai. This ended up traumatizing fans such as Cody Hackins.

Character history[]

Pink Princess

Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo.

The character proved to be a hit, with the Pink Princess winning the second annual Hero of Heroes Grand Prix, just beating the popular Jammin' Ninja. At some point in the character's history, she married the Steel Samurai and the two have a child, the Iron Infant. All three characters appeared in the touring live stage show, with the Pink Princess normally being played by a woman named Mindy. However, before their show at the Cohdopian Embassy's Theatrum Neutralis, Mindy was unable to perform, and so a last minute replacement was found in the form of Wendy Oldbag.


The Pink Princess has white skin and eyes, a pink blush on her cheeks, pink lips, and pink hair. Her hair is styled up high in 3 bumps, with white and hot pink ribbons, a hot pink headband with white circles, a purple comb, and a gold hair stick with 4 gold tassels and a white flower outlined in pink.

She wears a kimono-style light pink dress with a long opened skirt, a hot pink obi tied in a big ribbon, pink spots on her chest, shoulder pads with hot pink kanji and outline, flowing sleeves, white pants, and white heeled boots. She carries a rapier with a hot pink hilt.


  • Japanese - Himesaman (ヒメサマン):
    • Her Japanese name, "Himesaman", may come from "hime" (姫), meaning "princess" (the kanji is present on her outfit), the polite honorific "-sama" (様), and the English "man", in the vein of superheroes such as Superman and Spider-man.
  • English - Pink Princess:
    • The French, Spanish, and Italian translations adapt this name into their languages.