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Piroshko is a pet adder owned by Mitrov Stroganov, a sailor aboard the S.S. Alaclaire. Despite a ship policy that prohibits pets, Stroganov has at least once sneaked the snake on board, putting mouse traps in the ship's corridor to collect rodents for the reptile to eat.

Aboard the Alaclaire

Main article: The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band
Strogonav band

Coiled around Stroganov's head.

While Stroganov was helping a runaway named Nikomina Borschevic cover-up Kazuma Asōgi's apparent murder, the ship alarm suddenly sounded, scaring off Piroshko. It wasn't until a group had formed in Borschevic's room that the snake reappeared.

After hearing that Asōgi had seen a "speckled band" the night he died, Sherlock Holmes accused Piroshko of playing a part in the murder, explaining away the fact that the snake was striped by stating that he had shed his skin before biting and killing Asōgi. He also "deduced" that the snake had been controlled via a combination of giving him milk and using a whistle to summon him. However, Susato Mikotoba pointed out that the facts didn't match Holmes's "logic": Piroshko wouldn't drink milk, can't hear whistles due to a lack of ears, and would have been unable to physically reach the crime scene unaided. After Ryūnosuke Naruhodō corrected Holmes, Stroganov revealed that Piroshko was harmless.


  • "Piroshko" is likely a play on "pirozhki", a type of puff pastry originating in Russia and Ukraine.
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