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Los Angeles Police Department
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Police Deparment
Organization info
Organization type Law enforcement agency
Leader Police Chiefs:
Damon Gant (Feb. 21, 2015 - Feb. 25, 2017)
Organizational structure Currently employed officers:

Formerly employed officers:

Affiliated groups Criminal Affairs Department
Prosecutor's office
Status Active
Area info
Entrance Police department entrance
Enter from Prosecutor's Building parking lot
Criminal Affairs Department
Relevant cases Rise from the Ashes

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is the police department of the city of Los Angeles in the United States.


During the third day trial in Turnabout Serenade, Klavier Gavin, in order to explain a discrepancy between police firearms training and the large amount of recoil with the murder weapon in that case (a .45-caliber handgun), comments that the standard issue sidearm given to police is a .38-caliber revolver. While this statement would make sense in Japan (as .38-caliber weapons are issued to police there), it is factually false in the United States; American police, after a shootout in Miami in 1986, began to switch duty weapons from .38-caliber revolvers to semi-automatic pistols with higher capacities and improved stopping power. Additionally, the real-life LAPD issues .45-caliber handguns as an optional weapon of choice for officers.

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