You may be looking for the parrot named after Polly Jenkins.
Phoenix Wright
What was his fiancee's name?
"Polly Jenkins"... "Polly"!
Phoenix Wright
Exactly, Your Honor! He remembered the name of his fiancee who committed suicide. That's why he named his parrot after her!

Polly Jenkins was a woman engaged to be married to the court bailiff Yanni Yogi, until a series of events led to her taking her own life.

Yogi's decline

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Yanni OA

Yanni Yogi 15 years after the DL-6 Incident with the parrot he named after Jenkins.

Jenkins was engaged to marry a man named Yanni Yogi, who was a court bailiff at the District Court. However, their life took a drastic change one day while Yogi was at work. After a dramatic trial had ended, in which a legendary prosecutor suffered the first penalty on his record after being accused of falsifying evidence, Yogi found himself in an elevator with the case's defense attorney, Gregory Edgeworth, and Edgeworth's young son Miles.

While the three were in the elevator, an earthquake struck; bringing them to a stop. By the time they were rescued, Yogi and Miles were unconscious due to lack of oxygen, but alive. Gregory Edgeworth on the other hand, was dead from a bullet wound. Yogi was soon accused of the crime.

In court, Yogi's attorney Robert Hammond convinced the court that oxygen deprivation and stress had caused Yogi to suffer from temporary insanity, in order for Yogi to avoid being charged for the crime. Yogi thus pretended to have brain damage and was found innocent, but soon found his life ruined by the decision. He lost his job and social standing, and Jenkins eventually committed suicide. The memory of Jenkins was preserved in the name of Yogi's parrot. Yogi would continue to feign memory loss and senility in the years to come.

It wasn't until 15 years later that the true killer of Gregory Edgeworth was revealed to have been Manfred von Karma, the prosecutor the defense attorney had shamed all those years ago. Yogi himself was arrested for the murder of Hammond, who he had killed as revenge with von Karma's help.


"Polly" is a stereotypical name for a parrot. It is likely that the names for both the parrot and Yogi's deceased fiancée were chosen for this reason.

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