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Pop Windibank was the owner of a pawn shop on Baker Street in London. Among his most regular customers was the famous detective Herlock Sholmes, who frequently used his shop to store items.


Pop Windibank had a familiar relationship with Sholmes, given that the former's shop was down the street from the latter's residence, and that the detective always had valuable items to pawn. On one occasion, Sholmes installed a camera capture device to protect the shop from theft. The pawnbroker was not convinced that the Great Detective's device was of any use to him, as the camera film needed was expensive and pictures were only taken every thirty minutes. Windibank was also visited by pickpocket Gina Lestrade, who would bring him items that he would often consider suspicious.


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The beginning[]

In February, Windibank's pawn shop became a focal point for a scheme of international espionage. On the night of the 15th, Windibank was given a black coat from Beppo to be deposited. Unbeknownst to the pawnbroker, the coat hid a music disc that was embedded with a secret telegram, containing confidential government secrets.

Article altercation[]

Two months later, Windibank was visited again by Sholmes, who was accompanied by Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba, to retrieve a Stradivaruis violin that the detective had mistaken a plain viola for. As Naruhodo and Mikotoba examined the store, Windibank was approached by Lestrade for the black coat, but was hesitant to accept the disc that was in the coat pocket for pawn as he considered it worthless. As this happened, Windibank was approached by a mysterious man calling himself "Eggert Benedict", who also claimed that the coat was his and gave the correct watchword. Convinced that the pickpocket had stolen the pledge from the man, Windibank had Lestrade give the coat to Benedict, but came under pressure when the man demanded more from the article. Chaos erupted in the pawn shop as Benedict and Lestrade fought for ownership of the disc. A dance of deduction done by Sholmes and Naruhodo exposed Benedict's attempt to steal the pledge for himself. During the altercation, Windibank had alerted Scotland Yard of the emergency, with Inspector Tobias Gregson and several policemen dispatched to resolve the issue, though Benedict got away, After the disc was confiscated, having once belonged to Magnus McGilded, the pawn shop was closed down for inspection.


Hutch Shot

Windibank after having just been killed.

That night, Windibank was attending to his shop when Lestrade broke in, determined to locate the manuscripts of Iris Wilson. As she was armed with his gun, the pawnbroker reluctantly allowed her to look at the scripts that were located inside the storeroom. When they heard noises outside, Windibank took back his gun from Lestrade and left to the storefront. He confronted two intruders, Nash and Ringo Skulkin, and the three of them fought, with the pawnbroker easily overpowering both brothers. Windibank then fired his gun at a third intruder, hitting the upper left arm. As he tried to return to the vault, he was fatally shot by the intruder in the heart, killing him instantly. Lestrade then locked the vault and took back the gun from Windibank's corpse to defend herself, only to fall unconscious. Because the vault was locked from the inside, with the pawnbroker and pickpocket the only ones in there, Lestrade was arrested for Windibank's murder.

Naruhodo took on Lestrade's legal defense, and proceeded to reveal the truth in her trial: Windibank's real killer was the man who called himself "Eggert Benedict", his true name being Ashley Graydon.


Pop Windibank took his job quite seriously as a pawnbroker, perhaps to a fault, as he had an unfortunate tendency to point a gun at his own head with suicidal intent in reparation for any perceived fault, such as failing to uphold customer security or for allowing conflict to occur in his store. Excluding this, he was a very reasonable and friendly business owner. He also had a merchant's habit of evaluating items with only what he saw, as he easily valued Mikotoba's kimono at five guineas but was not convinced by Lestrade that the music disc that she had was worth anything. Nonetheless, Windibank was sometimes a little careless when it came to private matters, as he left his memorandum out in the open on his desk so anyone could see the passwords for deposits. He also surprising combat skills as he able to flip over the Skulkin brothers and knock them out.


  • Windibank is a name used in the Sherlock Holmes story "A Case of Identity".
  • Japanese - Hatch Windibank (ハッチ・ウィンデバンク, Hatchi U~indebanku):
    • His given name in Japanese, Hatch (ハッチ), comes from hachi (八), which means "eight". A pawnshop in Japanese is a shichiya (質屋), and when written as 七, shichi means "seven". This pun is also used for the character Price in the Japanese version of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

English - Pop Windibank:

    • His full English name may be a play on "pop in the bank", with Pop being an informal British term for pawning something.


Sherlock Holmes (1984 TV series) - Jabez Wilson (1)

In The Art of Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken, Kazuya Nuri states that Windibank's design was based on a certain character's image, as requested by Shu Takumi. Windibank bears a strong resemblance to Jabez Wilson, the pawnbroker in the 1984 Sherlock Holmes TV adaptation's "The Red-Headed League", whose source material is referenced in Sholmes's initial deduction at Windibank's shop. Windibank's sweat-wiping animation may be based on a similar motion Wilson makes in his introductory scene.