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Potassium cyanide is a highly toxic chemical compound. A bottle of the substance was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Glen Elg.

Involvement in a murder[]

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Furio Tigre had a brown glass bottle of potassium cyanide on him when he met with Glen Elg, who owed him $100,000. Because he could not pay back the money, Elg was to give him a computer virus instead as collateral. However, during their meeting, Elg won $500,000 in a lottery, allowing him to pay off the debt with cash. Tigre was actually counting on selling Elg's virus to obtain enough to pay his own debts to Bruto Cadaverini, so he sprinkled some of the potassium cyanide into Elg's coffee, killing him. Maggey Byrde, the waitress serving them, fainted upon seeing Elg succumb to the poison. Tigre planted the bottle in her pocket as part of a plot to frame her for the murder.

One month later, Tigre took the stand in Byrde's second trial for the murder. Defense attorney Phoenix Wright decided to trick Tigre into exposing himself by presenting him a bottle of Elg's ear medicine and claiming that it was the potassium cyanide bottle. Falling for the ruse, Tigre corrected Wright, describing the actual bottle of poison and saying his fingerprints were not on it. The entire court went silent as the implication became clear; Tigre should not have seen the bottle, and would only know what it looked like if he were the one to use it to kill Elg.