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President's plane
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The president's plane is a seaplane used by President Di-Jun Huang of Zheng Fa. In March 2019, the president arrived at Gourd Lake using the plane to give a speech.

A rivalry turned deadlyEdit

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Ethan Rooke was the leader of the president's bodyguards. However, another bodyguard named Horace Knightley sought to usurp Rooke's position. To this end, he convinced the president to stage an assassination attempt during a publicized event to boost his ratings. Rooke refused to participate in the plot, and the president sensed Knightley's jealousy of his fellow bodyguard. In the end, the president agreed to the plan, but his hesitation pushed Knightley over the edge. He decided to plan to kill Rooke and pin the blame on a reporter named Nicole Swift, whom he convinced to point a laser scope at the president during a publicized speech.

On March 25, 2019, the president's plane arrived at Gourd Lake, and Huang stepped out with his bodyguards for the speech. Only Knightley and Rooke were with him because of an infiltration days prior by assassin Shelly de Killer, which Rooke had thwarted. During the speech, the fake assassination plot went underway as Swift used the laser scope and Knightley fired two shots from behind his bulletproof attache case, throwing the crowd into a panic. The president retreated with his bodyguards into the plane, and hid inside a locked, soundproofed room. Despite knowing that the whole thing was a fake, he was terrified and did not even turn the power on.

With the two bodyguards alone, Knightley took action and fatally shot Rooke under his armpit. The bullet tore through Rooke's body and hit one of the nine security monitors in the cabin. Knightley removed the damaged monitor and placed the president's Moozilla Doll inside the empty space left behind. He then told Huang that Rooke had been killed. The two agreed to have the Zheng Fa police take over the investigation to cover up the truth about the fake assassination attempt.

Knightley emerged from the plane to the audience area, where Miles Edgeworth was investigating the incident and questioning de Killer and Swift. He tried to arrest Swift for Rooke's murder, but de Killer subdued him and forced him to allow Edgeworth to investigate the plane. The assassin wanted to know what had really happened to the man who had stopped him. The president was still hiding when they entered the plane. De Killer tried to get him to come out, but he refused. Eventually, the assassin made his escape, satisfied with the progress of the investigation, despite the efforts of Dick Gumshoe to have the plane surrounded.

With de Killer gone, President Huang revealed himself and tried to get Edgeworth to leave the plane and the investigation. He had Knightley confiscate the evidence that Edgeworth had gathered. During this time, the bodyguard switched his own gun with the gun that he had planted in the audience area to implicate Swift, transferring the laser scope and loading an extra bullet into his gun to hide the fact that it had been fired a third time to kill Rooke. Meanwhile, the president tried to claim extraterritorial rights, but Edgeworth retorted that extraterritoriality did not apply, since the gunshots had been fired from outside the plane.

The president relented and had the evidence returned to Edgeworth. Through Huang's testimony, Edgeworth figured out that the assassination plot had been a fraud all along. Despite Knightley's protests, Swift revealed that she had merely pointed a laser scope at the president, as instructed. Eventually, the monitor with the fatal bullet was found, and Edgeworth figured out what Knightley had done with the two guns. Knightley was outed as the real killer and was arrested for his crime.

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