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Oh dearie, dearie me. It is I who usually asks the questions... I am, you see, but a humble teacher. Call me Ms Primstone.

Primstone is a teacher at the Labyrinthia Primary School who was a witness in Maya Fey's witch trial. She has a habit of saying "dearie, dearie me".

Labyrinthian teacherEdit

Nothing is known of Primstone's life prior to her memory erasure and arrival in Labyrinthia. For her new life she was given the role of a primary school teacher, with Inquisitor Zacharias Barnham being a former student of hers, according to their shared false memories.

Witness to witchcraftEdit

Main articles: The Great Witch & The Golden Court

Primstone was outside Newton Belduke's former home with Birdly the bard when they heard a scream coming from inside the house. Joined by Luke Triton and Emeer Punchenbaug, the group rushed inside only to find Hershel Layton turned into a golden statue and Maya Fey standing next to a Talea Magica. They watched in horror as Layton fell to the ground, with his arm falling off in the process. The observers assumed that Fey was responsible and accused her of being a witch.

Primstone was later called to the Witches' Court with the other witnesses to testify about the crime. She declared that friendship led to nothing but trouble and that Layton was pointing a knife at Fey and threatening her. This placed Primstone at odds with Triton, who argued that Layton would never threaten anyone with a knife. The schoolteacher was soon proven wrong when Price brought the professor's detached arm (which had gone missing shortly after the witness' arrival due to Punchenbaug stealing and selling it), showing that he was definitely not holding a knife. Primstone then testified that Fey had summoned a familiar with the Famalia spell, but this was also proven to be untrue when it was discovered that the Famalia gem on the Talea Magica was a fake.


Ms. Primstone comes across as the archetypal "strict teacher" with a habit of saying "dearie, dearie me" and "this will be on the test!" a lot. Her teaching style appears to revolve around stating that just about everything ultimately leads to disaster (such as puzzles) and should therefore be avoided.


  • "Tatāseru" (タターセル), her Japanese name, is a play on "tadaseru" (正せる), which means "to correct". This is likely in reference to her job as a teacher.
  • Her English name is likely a play on the word "prim", as in "prudish/straight-laced/formal" or "precise/affectedly neat".
  • Her French name "Mlle Ostère" comes from the French word "austère", meaning "stern".
  • Her Spanish name "Severiana" comes from "severa", meaning "severe".
  • Her Italian name, "Austeri", means "stern" or "grave", and probably refers to her personality.
  • Her Dutch name, "Coldstone", could be a reference to her cold personality and/or her English name.