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Engarde Mansion Private Lounge
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Private lounge
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Wine cellar
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The private lounge in Engarde Mansion was used by Matt Engarde to watch and record Shelly de Killer's assassination of Juan Corrida through a camera hidden in Corrida's hotel room at Gatewater Imperial Hotel. Later, when Engarde was arrested for Corrida's murder, de Killer kidnapped Maya Fey in order to coerce Phoenix Wright into taking the case. Fey was held in the wine cellar. Though she managed to escape to the private lounge, the effort proved fruitless as de Killer caught her.

Later, while de Killer was communicating with Wright through a transceiver, Engarde's cat Shoe gave away his location. Wright and police officers quickly headed to Engarde Mansion, but de Killer escaped with Fey.

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