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The Professor Killings (also known as the Hound of the Baskervilles) were a series of killings that occurred in the Great British Empire prior to the events of Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken and Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Kakugo.

The Killings[edit | edit source]

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When chief prosecutor Klimt van Zieks heard that a fellow noble was victimizing the rest of England to make himself more well off, he felt a deep sense of regret and frustration at being unable to do anything about it exactly because the perpetrator was a noble. So he went on a hunt with his large dog, Balmung, and became known as the "Professor". Soon after he killed that noble, another prosecutor named Hart Vortex found out about Klimt. He decided to use the Professor create a perfect society in England by threatening to tell Klimt about him to his wife and younger brother, Barok. Vortex made Klimt kill three more nobles, the third victim was the current Chief Justice, who was also Klimt's own mentor and benefactor, so Vortex could take his place.

Vortex refusing Asogi's request.

At the time of these killings, three men from Japan were in their sixth year of studying abroad as a program Klimt established. Genshin Asōgi, who was studying to become a detective, widower Yūjin Mikotoba and Seishirou Jigoku. Genshin figured out the Professor's identity despite the fact that he became close friends with the van Zieks. He approached Vortex about it, begging him to move the police force into action. But Vortex wouldn’t have any of it since the only “decisive evidence” he had regarding the Professor was that Klimt owned a dog. Incensed by this, Genshin snuck into Klimt's mansion one night, cornering him.

Klimt writing his will

He proposed that they duel, and Klimt agreed on two conditions: that he be allowed to write a will, confessing his sins; and that Genshin agrees to help his wife, who was pregnant. They dueled and Genshin won, then he ran out of the mansion leaving Klimt's corpse behind. Unfortunately, a number of the servants spotted Genshin running. This was the most concrete thing they had, however, as there wasn’t enough evidence.

Klimt van Zieks' Will
"I record this as I prepare to leave this world with my own will. The time is 11 PM in my office and my friend, Asōgi, stands beside me. He is overseeing this conclusion in accordance with the old fashion etiquette of dueling. The Japanese are compassionate, he agreed to give me an honorable death. I, Klimt van Zieks, hereby confess. The one who committed the four murders under the name of the Professor was me. I don't have time to go into detail about the decay of England that I was able to see as an aristocrat. Over the course of these last six months, I have been taking the live of the members of the aristocracy at the center of that decay. There are demons who use that position and power to twist the law and reveal to me the limits of the judicial system. In order to stand against these demons who used the citizens for their own profit, I had no choice but to become a demon myself. I considered it hunting, the fangs of my proud hunting hound dealt them their rightful judgement. However, though I have long been a hunter, I was but a novice of a criminal. I began being blackmailed by a certain person who saw through my crime, threatened to reveal my identity to my beloved wife and younger brother. Since then, I became a serial killer who took people's lives under his orders. But the benefactor, the man I respected, were killed before me, something inside of me shattered. At some point, I had become a beast, giving horrific orders to my faithful beloved dog. Things cannot return to the way they were, either I will die or Asōgi will die, one of the two. To my blackmailer, Hart Vortex, may the curse of the beast be upon you. As I face the last of my life, my only regret is my brother. Barok, a young man who chased after my back and has only just begun to walk the path of a prosecutor. I pray that my deeds do not close off this path to you. I won't ask you to understand. Just, that you forgive your brother. Asōgi is an excellent detective, and a hunter worth respecting. He granted me my last two wishes. The first is that I leave this will. The second, I will not write here. I have confessed my "sin" to my wife. If I die, I'm sure she will understand. Full of gratitude to my oriental friend, I hereby lay down my pen."
– Klimt van Zieks

Wanting to tie this up and protect Klimt van Zieks’ secret to keep the law running as smoothly as possible, prosecutor Vortex roped detective Tobias Gregson and doctor John H. Watson into a forging scheme, he didn't want the people to know that a fellow British noble was responsible for the killings. First, Gregson would collect a group of thugs together and attack Genshin Asōgi, stealing his trademark ring. Barok was with him and he thought the thugs were targeting him since he was always a target due to being Klimt's brother. Second, Gregson, with Vortex’s help, would argue for Klimt’s autopsy report despite the fact that they were considered discrepancies to the dead at the time, especially with aristocrats like Klimt. Third, Watson would keep his assistants, Courtney Simon and Yūjin Mikotoba, busy during the dissection and pretended to find the ring in Klimt's stomach, coming to the conclusion that Klimt had swallowed it to provide proof for his killer. Despite the discrepancies in Klimt’s death, dying of a stab wound to the heart rather than having his throat torn apart by a hound like the other nobles, he was treated as the last of the Professor’s victims and Genshin Asōgi was arrested and tried as the Professor.

Klimt's Autopsy Report
Surgeon: John H. Watson
*Klimt van Zieks (33)
Estimated Time of Death
*May 31st
*Around 9 o'clock to midnight
Investigator Observations
*Cause of death is a single pierce to the heart with a sword, likely some sort of duel took place as there are several shallow injuries on the body.
*Scarlet ink stain was found on the right pinky and ring finger, but there were no documents found on his desk.
Autopsy Findings
*An extremely important foreign object was discovered in the victim's stomach during the autopsy. This is the clue that detective Gregson, who insisted on hacing the autopsy performed, was talking about.
*Additionally, there was not a single other wound anywhere inside the body. We can conclude that there's nothing out of the ordinary.
John H. Watson

Before Genshin was transported to Berkly Prison, he was ordered by Vortex to write a will at the prosecutor's office​. Genshin wrote the will in black ink asking that all his personal affects be sent overseas to his son. He wrote an additional page as a message to his son (secretly a hint to where he hid Klimt's will), Vortex and chief officer Harry Barricade didn't think it was a benefit for England and kept the last page. He hid Klimt's will in the hilt of his sword, Karuma, hoping that it could one day be found and reveal the truth. He referred to it as his "weapon" because not only did it reveal Klimt's identity as the Professor, but also pointed to Vortex as the one who threatened him to continue killing. Vortex realized this and went mad, so he approached Genshin for a deal: keep the will secret and accept a guilty verdict at the trial, and he would arrange for Genshin’s escape from prison so he can go back to Japan. Genshin refused to agree until Vortex brought up the prospect of never seeing his family again, and then caved in.

Genshin Asōgi's Will
Pg. 1
亜双義一真に送られたし. (I, Genshin Asōgi, hereby request that all items I obtained in London, as well as all of my other belongings been sent to my son, Kazuma Asōgi, in the great Japanese empire.)
Pg. 2
我が道に後悔の文字はなし. (Though it fills me with sorrow to lose my life in this distant foreign land without meeting my family again, I have no word of regret about the path I have chosen.)
Pg. 3
ただ、頭をひねるべし. (Kazuma. The truth lies in the darkness, and the only thing that can banish the darkness is "Karuma". All you must do is think. Simply twist the head of the famous sword in your hand.)

A secret trial was held by orders of the Queen as she was afraid this incident might damage the trust between their country and Japan with the possibility of war, they were in the middle of negotiating the establishment of an alliance treaty. Genshin was forced to wear a metal mask to keep his identity hidden. Hart Vortex was replaced with Barok van Zieks as the prosecutor due to his insistence in avenging his brother despite formerly feeling gratitude towards Genshin for "saving" him, it was his very first trial so Vortex became his co-counsel. Van Zieks won it swiftly and Genshin received the death penalty. Seishirou Jigoku was a witness but he overdid it so much trying to lighten Genshin's punishment that he smashed the witness stand and was arrested for bringing words of humiliation to England. The day before his supposed execution, Genshin had asked Yūjin for one last favor: to visit a certain address.

The prosecutor's office sent a letter to Harry Barricade to set the jailbreak plan in motion while the chief jailer, Everyday Mittlemont, supervised Genshin in his solitary cell for a week. At midnight on Monday, June 7th, Vortex involved Simon, as the coroner who "confirmed" Genshin’s death after execution via hanging. Mittlemont was waiting in the next door room, he was supposed to check on the body, nail the lid on the coffin and sign off on it. But when Mittlemont went to check, he found the lid already nailed on. He didn’t think too deeply about it, he just assumed the vice-chief jailer had come and checked it for him, so he signed off on it.

The "Professor" rises from the grave.

Hart Vortex got Seishirou Jigoku to help him with sending Genshin home after he was prosecuted by Barok at his own trial but managed to get acquitted and pay for the stand repairs. He jumped on board after Vortex promised him the Minister of Foreign Affairs' position back in Japan. The two would head to Lowgate Cemetary, right next to Berkly Prison, to dig Genshin out and begin his journey back before the air in the coffin ran out. However, when they arrived at 3 AM, a grave robber named Enoch Drebber had appeared in the cemetery that night and dug Genshin out of plot 139. He stared at what appeared to be the Professor rising from his grave like a zombie. It was there that Vortex told Jigoku the plan was over since Drebber would most likely reveal that the execution was faked, they had no choice but to shoot Genshin to keep him dead for real if they didn't want to be ruined. Jigoku argued that Vortex made Genshin a promise but he eventually shot Genshin Asōgi with the gun Vortex just gave him, Genshin was killed causing the blood-covered Drebber to flee. Vortex and Jigoku then reburied Genshin and went on their ways, but Vortex couldn't find the will there either.

Jigoku still became the Minister despite what happened. French sculptor, Connette Rozaic, was also waiting in the cemetery to make a wax figure from Genshin. She notice the jaw was slack and realized that he was buried alive. The grave keeper who helped her informed Vortex about this, he allowed the wax sculpture as long as Rozaic never took the metal mask on it or reveal what happened. The newspapers made a big fuss about the grave rising incident but a police press conference confirmed Genshin dead. Everyday Mittlemont was blamed for helping Genshin escape and was fired from being the chief jailer. He attempted suicide by jumping out of the watch tower but only suffered amnesia.

The Baskerville Lady pregnant.

Yūjin did as Genshin told him and found a woman at the home address in Dartmoor about to give birth, he also witnessed Balmung dying on the front lawn. He helped deliver a baby girl, but the mother died shortly after. Seeing a chest with a certain "B" crest on it in the corner of the room, Yūjin realized something dreadful. The newborn girl he was holding was the child of Klimt van Zieks and a woman of the Baskervilles. As he had to return to Japan with Jigoku, he left the baby in the care of Sherlock Holmes, a detective and his partner during his time in England. Yūjin named the girl Iris after his own deceased wife, Ayame Mikotoba. Yūjin told Genshin's son, Kazuma, that his father died of an illness and took him in to live with. Iris found some notes on the Professor killings and wrote a story about it entitled "The Hound of the Baskervilles", after Holmes read it he was worried that it may reveal Iris' father as a serial killer and didn't think she could handle it. So he sent it to Yūjin Mikotoba, he also wanted to see Klimt's autopsy report. Iris noticed the handwriting on it match the writings in the trunk of Holmes' adventure story. So she took the name "Iris Watson" and began writing "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. But the truth is Dr. Watson only signed it, Yūjin worked on the autopsy completely as he was supposed to write down his thoughts for Watson to approve of.

The Death Bringer curse[edit | edit source]

Hart Vortex started to bring a curse upon Barok van Zieks not too long after the Professor Killings. In his desire to create a world of order and safety for the people of London, he created an organization that would kill those that managed to escape guilty verdicts. The first of them was Chalan Musgrave, head of a criminal organization in a trial that Barok headed. Musgrave got acquitted by threatening the jury and was crushed by concrete blocks at a construction site three days after. It was the same thing with ten more trials Barok lost, the causes of death included being hit by carriages, fever sicknesses, mugged by highwaymen, and drowning in the Thames river. Rumors began to spread that this "Death Bringer" was actually Klimt’s ghost attached to Barok, bringing down justice where the latter could not. These rumors were spread by Vortex, as he knew Barok would cling to that moniker to hold onto something of his brother’s. People referred to Barok as names like the "Grim Reaper" and the "Death God of the Old Bailey."

Balmung's dog collar

Vortex involved people like Tobias Gregson, who would carefully investigate the targets and come up with the best way to eliminate them. Ann Sasha, London's most notorious assassin, was the primary assassin. Their hideout was an old apartment room on Fresno Street just outside of London, Everyday Mittlemont was renting it out under the peddler ego of "Hugh Boone". John Watson was involved as well, he changed the autopsy records of those killed by the Grim Reaper. Courtney Simon, with her surname now Sithe, took his place after Watson was invited by by Yūjin Mikotoba overseas to become a professor. Gregson and Watson only accepted doing as Vortex says on the condition that Barok would not be held responsible for the Death Bringer killings. Barok eventually took a five year leave of absence as he was unable to bear the burden and pressure that came with being labelled as the Grim Reaper. Meanwhile, a criminal from Manchester named Selden, stole Balmung's dog collar, which had been a gift from the Baskerville family upon Klimt's marriage, from the van Zieks manor and hid it in his flat.

The Assassination Exchange Program[edit | edit source]

Hart Vortex began to realize being Chief Justice wasn’t enough to fulfill his desires of an orderly, crime-free London; he had to become the Attorney General at the upcoming international forensic science symposium no matter what. But to do that, he would need to cut off a few loose ends: those of Detective Gregson and Dr. Watson specifically, as they were the only remaining individuals that knew the truth about Klimt’s autopsy AKA Vortex's past. To do this, he blackmailed Jigoku with the truth of Genshin's murder, and created a "Target Switch" assassin program. Using the recently completed Japanese-Anglo Treaty of Commerce and Navigation that allowed criminals in a foreign country to be extradited to their consulate, England and Japan would switch assassins.

Main article: The Adventure of the Great Departure

First, England would send Ann Sasha, disguised as exchange student Jezail Brett, to murder John Watson. Once that was established, Japan would send Kazuma Asōgi, who inherited Karuma, to murder Tobias Gregson. Under the condition of Genshin’s study abroad, Kazuma readily accepted it hoping to find out the truth about his father's death. Once the the consular courts acquitted them, they would be able to return to their homelands. To solidify this deal, and to prove as a kind of contract, a transmission was sent from England to Japan containing these four names. Two discs with said transmission on it would later have a copy of the government secret which Robert Crogley would obtain for Cosney Megundal.

Asōgi’s "Death" and Sherlock’s Resolve[edit | edit source]

John Watson silenced

Sherlock Holmes had a habit of listening in on transmissions between England and Japan, that was when he saw the four names. Having heard of Watson’s death from Yūjin and given Sasha had been missing in London for months, he was afraid that the four names on this list were the names of victims. Kazuma's best friend, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, exposed Sasha for killing Watson. She was supposed to be extradited to Shanghai, China but she was killed by Heita Mamemomi right before leaving. Before Kazuma left for Japan, Yūjin's daughter, Susato, accidentally saw the "Hound of the Baskervilles" manuscript in his office while she was cleaning. So Yūjin sent it back to Holmes who gave it to Hatch Windibank to lock up in his vault.

Main article: The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band

Having boarded the S.S. Alaclaire, Holmes resolved to prevent Kazuma’s study abroad by any means possible to save him. Holmes took his chance when Kazuma got knocked out by Nikomina Borschevic, he intended to leave his "corpse" at the embassy in Hong Kong and have him sent back to Japan. He then convinced Naruhodō to take up Kazuma’s place as the transfer attorney, knowing that this meant Kazuma wouldn’t be able to come to England for at least a few years. However, Kazuma escaped and made it to England on a cargo ship. Hart Vortex forced him to adopt the Masked Disciple persona and not reveal his identity.

Holmes would later convince Tobias Gregson to transfer to France to join the Parisian Police and take his protégé, former pickpocket Gina Lestrade, with him hoping to protect him this way. It wasn’t until he overheard Naruhodō, Yūjin, and Susato talking at the Bandol Hotel that he realized that Ann Sasha hadn’t disappeared and had actually killed John Watson in Japan. It made him realize that Kazuma and Gregson’s relationship would've likely been the same.

Tobias Gregson's death[edit | edit source]

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Tobias Gregson dead.

Seishirou Jigoku decided to go to Japan to kill Tobias Gregson himself since he couldn't send a replacement assassin due to Naruhodō taking Asōgi's place in the study abroad. Upon contacting Hart Vortex, the chief decided to give Gregson a "Death Bringer" mission for the date of October 31st aboard the S.S. Balabrook as it headed for Dunkirk, France as a trap for his death. The target was Jigoku for escaping his trial ten years ago and the assassin sent with him was Kazuma Asōgi. However, Kazuma's insistence made Gregson tell the truth about Genshin’s trial resulting in Kazuma growing incensed and attacking him. But after missing, Kazuma decided to leave it at that, disembarking in Dunkirk and staying the night. Although Gregson tried to kill Jigoku all by himself, the judge managed to shoot Gregson dead. Then he froze his body and tried to pin the crime on Everyday Mittlemont when the ship returned, but Barok van Zieks took the fall instead.

Main article: The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke

The will is found

With the help of Susato, Yūjin, Holmes, Iris, Kazuma, Barok, Lestrade, Mittlemont, and Sithe's daughter Maria Goulloyne, Naruhodō exposed Jigoku for his crimes. Then he found Klimt's will written in scarlet ink in Karuma, exposing Hart Vortex behind as the mastermind behind Genshin, Klimt, and even the Death Bringer. Vortex attempted to say that they can't reveal any of this to the public because it will lose their trust in the law and that he did all this for the greater good, but Holmes revealed that he was telecasting the whole trial to Queen Victoria who stripped Vortex of his position as London's Chief Justice so he can be tried with the public watching. After the trial, Iris decided to it no longer matters who her real father is, as far as she's concerned Sherlock Holmes is her papa. But as Yūjin revealed to Naruhodō that he faked an illness to prevent any investigation of the matter, he's come to accept that Iris will accept her true parentage when the time comes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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