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Kay Faraday
Look, Daddy! I wrote them all down! Yup! I'll be sure to follow all of our promises, and become a hero just like you, Daddy! ...Ah! That's right! There was one more... I forgot to write down the most important promise! Promise number five... Always try your hardest to learn about things you don't understand! Eheheh... I'll be sure to remember. I'll never, ever forget them!

The Promise Notebook is an exchange diary between Kay Faraday and her father Byrne. Inside is a list of seven promises, five of which she wrote down herself. The notebook was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murders of Mack Rell and Byrne.

Father and daughter's promise[]

Kay received the notebook when she was very young, and she and Byrne wrote down the promises that she was meant to keep. They focused around kindness and positivity, though still being geared toward a young child, like not talking to strangers.

Faraday and Rell's deaths[]

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Miles Edgeworth
Mr. Faraday's writing conveys a sense of the kind of man he was.

Kay took the notebook with her to the courthouse when seeing her father's trial of Mack Rell. While wandering around, she met Detective Dick Gumshoe, who was staring longingly at a vending machine for Swiss rolls in the 3rd floor hallway. The two decided to pool their money together &emdash; Gumshoe had $5 and Kay had $1 &emdash; to obtain a pack of two Swiss rolls, intending to give one to Byrne while splitting the other between each other. Gumshoe found out about Kay's promise not to take anything from strangers, and assured her that she had not actually taken anything from him. Despite this, he kept the incident a secret to cover for Kay. Eventually, however, Edgeworth figured out the secret.

At the scene of another murder[]

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The promise notebook later appeared during the investigation into Jill Crane's murder beside her body. The underground auction conductor at the Grand Tower had obtained the promise notebook as one of the pieces of evidence to be auctioned off. However, once said conductor was taken down, Edgeworth obtained the notebook from Justine Courtney and returned it to the amnesiac Kay. In presenting that notebook, she remembered her father, and the memories of her recalling and writing down her promises, with the promise to "always try your hardest to learn about things you don't understand" hitting hardest. It caused her to feel a sharp lapse of pain before regaining her memories and becoming the joyful assistant Edgeworth once knew.


Kay's Promises to Daddy

Promise I
Never take things from a stranger.

Promise II
Never go anywhere with a stranger.

Promise III
Always greet people with a smile, even people you don't know.

Promise IV
Never cry in front of strangers.

Promise V
Always try your hardest to learn about things you don't understand.

Daddy's job is to make sure that everyone follows the rules. Kay, be a good girl and promise me that you'll keep your promises to me, OK?

Your Daddy

Extra promises[]

If the Promise Notebook is presented to Kay, Edgeworth asks for her permission to look through it, and discovers two more promises.

Miles Edgeworth
Hmm... It appears that there are more than just the five I thought there were... Promise VI... "If you ever have a boyfriend, you must bring him to meet Daddy right away." Promise VII... "Even when you have a boyfriend, never forget that I love you the most."

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